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So, What’s All The Fuss?

Published April 6, 2017 by mindfulofchatter

I really want know why men are so afraid of women having complete equality. Why do we scare you so much? Why can’t we make decisions regarding our own bodies? What have we done do have to still be fighting for our rights in 2017?

Now if you are one the many women who don’t see there an issue, that fine. You can go read something else and I won’t be offended. Nor will I try to cram my point of view down your throat. We are all good. We both entitled to our respective opinions.

Me? I still want to know what the problem is. I want to know why men (in particular) are trying so hard to keep women from having the same total control of their bodies as they have of theirs. Am I not a grown adult as you are? Is there something about being female that prevents me from making my own decisions about my own healthcare and reproductive choices? Why don’t I make as much money as you guys do for doing the same job? What the hell?!?

(side note – this not about abortion. If you are against abortion, fine. Just please leave others out of your personal choices and I’ll do the same. Okay?)

For centuries women could not own property, own a business, carry money, vote and numerous other things that were for men only. If a women owned land, it became her husband’s land as soon as they wed. If she owned valuable jewelry (including inherited jewels), they became her husbands as soon as they were wed. Did you know that a married woman didn’t even own her clothing? That too, belonged to her husband.

Why? What did women do to men to make them put us all under the floorboards and keep us there? Why were we denied the simple right to own our own things, to be taught to read (Yup, few women were taught to read. Upper class women were taught to read, but were not permitted to read newspapers. ‘Cuz, you know, they may learn something), to simply have a say in our lives?

Women were used as chattel to create ties for kings. A ‘good match’ was far more important than a good marriage. Women were told ‘look to other way’ if her husband had affairs or a mistress. Stay home. Raise children. Don’t make a fuss. Do as you’re told.

I hear the women who think we are all fine. We are equal. We get all the same goodies. But we don’t, do we. Not really.

We have (mostly) men trying to tell what kind of healthcare we are allowed. We are being told what is best for our reproductive choices. We are still told rape is our fault. That skirt was too short, why were you were alone?, the street was dark, did you have a drink?, did you take any drugs?, were there any witnesses?, are you a credible person? In short – what did you do to get raped?

(side note – I was once held up at gunpoint outside of a nightclub. I had parked under a street lamp, not in the dark. The first thing I was asked? Did you have a man walk you to your car? Yes, I did. They robbed him as well)

Our pay is still less than a man’s pay for doing the same job with Hispanic women coming in last. Because, you know, your ethic background is an indicator of how well you do your job.

So I want to know.

Why did women do to men to make them so damned scared of us?


A New Plan For A Lady and Her Dogs

Published June 9, 2016 by mindfulofchatter

I recently told you, my wonderful readers, about my situation. I am hanging on by a thread. I can homeless in the blink of an eye.

So I am working on an alternate plan to keep a roof over my head and the furry heads of my four-legged companions.


This link will take you to a GoFundMe for me and my dogs. I am looking to buy a camper van so I can have a place to live no matter what the worlds decides to do with us.

I have heard the mumblings about begging for money. About how I am not dying. About how my dogs aren’t dying. About how dare I ask for money.

This is what I have been told time and time again:

Ask. Ask. Ask. Tell. Tell. Tell. Tell people my situation. Tell people what I need. Ask for help. Ask for what I need to make it work. Make it known as far and as wide as I can.

Why a camper van? They are fairly decent on mileage. They are easy to drive in towns. They are easy to park. I can drive this by myself (I have driven a 24′ motor home in the past). I can set it up and tear it down alone. Being able to handle it on my own is important. It will also give me the mobility to move to where there are better jobs. It allow me an inexpensive way to live until the rest becomes a reality.

I know my situation is not unique. I know if I don’t ask, and continue to ask for help, help will never arrive.

So I am asking. I am asking for you to share. Just share the link. Give if you can. I can not express what it will mean to me. I have no gimmick. I don’t have some wacky stunt to pull if my goal is reached.

But I will tell you my story as it unfolds. Hopefully, that is enough.