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So, What’s All The Fuss?

Published April 6, 2017 by mindfulofchatter

I really want know why men are so afraid of women having complete equality. Why do we scare you so much? Why can’t we make decisions regarding our own bodies? What have we done do have to still be fighting for our rights in 2017?

Now if you are one the many women who don’t see there an issue, that fine. You can go read something else and I won’t be offended. Nor will I try to cram my point of view down your throat. We are all good. We both entitled to our respective opinions.

Me? I still want to know what the problem is. I want to know why men (in particular) are trying so hard to keep women from having the same total control of their bodies as they have of theirs. Am I not a grown adult as you are? Is there something about being female that prevents me from making my own decisions about my own healthcare and reproductive choices? Why don’t I make as much money as you guys do for doing the same job? What the hell?!?

(side note – this not about abortion. If you are against abortion, fine. Just please leave others out of your personal choices and I’ll do the same. Okay?)

For centuries women could not own property, own a business, carry money, vote and numerous other things that were for men only. If a women owned land, it became her husband’s land as soon as they wed. If she owned valuable jewelry (including inherited jewels), they became her husbands as soon as they were wed. Did you know that a married woman didn’t even own her clothing? That too, belonged to her husband.

Why? What did women do to men to make them put us all under the floorboards and keep us there? Why were we denied the simple right to own our own things, to be taught to read (Yup, few women were taught to read. Upper class women were taught to read, but were not permitted to read newspapers. ‘Cuz, you know, they may learn something), to simply have a say in our lives?

Women were used as chattel to create ties for kings. A ‘good match’ was far more important than a good marriage. Women were told ‘look to other way’ if her husband had affairs or a mistress. Stay home. Raise children. Don’t make a fuss. Do as you’re told.

I hear the women who think we are all fine. We are equal. We get all the same goodies. But we don’t, do we. Not really.

We have (mostly) men trying to tell what kind of healthcare we are allowed. We are being told what is best for our reproductive choices. We are still told rape is our fault. That skirt was too short, why were you were alone?, the street was dark, did you have a drink?, did you take any drugs?, were there any witnesses?, are you a credible person? In short – what did you do to get raped?

(side note – I was once held up at gunpoint outside of a nightclub. I had parked under a street lamp, not in the dark. The first thing I was asked? Did you have a man walk you to your car? Yes, I did. They robbed him as well)

Our pay is still less than a man’s pay for doing the same job with Hispanic women coming in last. Because, you know, your ethic background is an indicator of how well you do your job.

So I want to know.

Why did women do to men to make them so damned scared of us?


Questions From The Dating Site

Published January 30, 2017 by mindfulofchatter


It’s that time once again. Time to see how many times I can be rejected by men I don’t know and will never meet. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? I need to work on my game show host voice.

To be fair, I know pretty much what is going to happen going in. I don’t expect to meet anyone, really. I have met a few very nice men through dating sites, but no one who has been ‘the guy’. I list the dating site in my ‘Entertainment’ bookmarks because all in all, I do find it entertaining.

What I will never, ever understand is you men and your approach to dating. Especially online dating. Is there something about online dating that makes you kinda stupid? I am over fifty and I tend to expect the men in my age range to have a little going on than a twenty year old. How silly of me.

These are actual questions sent to me by men looking ‘get to know me’.

U R pretty. U have a really nice smile. I think we have a chance at a long-term relationship.

I have to say that I abhor the use of letters for words. My issue completely. But I am pretty sure a nice smile isn’t the basis for a long-term relationship.

I want to get to know you. Tell me all about your childhood.

Uh. No. And why would you ever ask that right off the bat? That’s just creepy.

Do you like oral pleasure? (after a handful of communication back and forth)

Chocolate cake and silk pies are good. (Yup. That was my response)

I’m in the military, serving in Afganistan. Do you like men in unform?

I may, but I find it odd that you are in the military when your profile says you use a cane and sometimes a wheelchair due your cerebral palsy. (I was blocked by this user when I asked him what time it was in Afganistan)

How tall are you?

I am the same height I listed on my profile. Do you guys ever actually read those things?

Why are you single?

I don’t know. Maybe I can’t find someone who engages in actual conversation without making references to sex in every other message. Why are you single? That street goes both ways.

What are your interests?

Again, the main ones are listed in my profile. In fact, there is a whole section that is nothing but a list of interests. Seriously, you guys need to read these things.

Yes, I am serious. These are messages I have received by men looking for a date or a wife. So far, I have a whole lot of WTF? going on in my head. Who would ask these kinds of questions? Would you ask this crap to my face if you met me on the street? It’s sad and amusing at the same time.

I know I am not a good match for the typical man in his fifties or early sixties. I’m a little odd. I like a lot of different things. I’m pretty intelligent (well, most of the time). I love superhero movies and make after life fairies for my friends. I have gargoyles (uh, not ones that fly, just small figurines). I think a fun date is making Lego people from a big bin of Lego people parts. I listen to music made after 1980.

I know. Where the hell do I get off being so flippin’ interesting?