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Eyebrows. Then and Now.

Published August 7, 2017 by mindfulofchatter

Back in March of this year, I decided to stop plucking my eyebrows. In doing so, I learned a few things about eyebrows. You can read about my ‘discoveries’ in my post ‘Eyebrows. Who Knew?‘. While I quit the main plucking, I do keep the edges and middle clean (ish).

I have never been the girl who loved make-up. I didn’t wear any make-up for years and years. Even as a young adult, about the only make-up I wore was a brown mascara so my blonde eyelashes showed up a little more. I didn’t even wear any make-up for my high school senior portrait. None. In fact, here are my high school era eyebrows:

1977 eyes

And yes, that is really me, well my eyes, 40 years ago. And yes, that is my senior portrait photo. Well, part of it anyway. You can easily see I wasn’t into yanking my eyebrow hair out back then. But even still, they looked fine to me. I look at this photo and I still think they look fine.

I can’t even remember when I began plucking them. But I did at some point.

40 years later, I am at the 5 month mark of no more plucking. Right about the time I ought to have achieved full re-growth of my eye brows. Today they look like this:

2017 eyes

These are my 40 years older eyes. And still no make-up. The eyebrow on the right shows the scar from a minor surgery I had in high school. The natural shape has changed somewhat. They are not as thick as they once were.  But all in all they look just fine. At least to me. I wear bangs (combed back for this photo) so who really sees them anyway?

What the photo doesn’t show, are the white-blonde, grey and red hairs mixed in those brows along with the darker browns. I find it kind of odd that the white-blonde is still there all these years later.

I never have been, nor will I ever be, the lady at the eyebrow/eyelash bar (an eyebrow/lash bar just sounds too wierd for me). I don’t powder or pencil them in. I simply don’t see the point. Women spend hours grooming their eyebrows – plucking, brushing, gelling, powdering, penciling and now stamping – to get that perfect shape. While keeping them in some sort of shape is necessary for most women (like those with very dark, or heavy hair), the amount of time some women spend on their brows seems like overkill for a line hair meant to keep water and sweat away from your eyes.

I do wear light make-up more often now. My skin has some sun damage from an early life spent outdoors on a horse. So I use a light foundation with sun screen in it to even out the skin tone. I found I like to play a little with eyeliner pencils, often wearing more than one colour at a time – because make-up ought to be fun, and I’m a bit odd. Some mascara on the upper lashes and I am done.

But I am finished with the eyebrow plucking and shaping. I don’t feel it’s an important part of my daily routine to spend time on. Anyone was may want a date with me will just have to come to grips with that. Sorry guys, but I am firm on this.

But what you prefer to do is up to you. If it makes you happy, or keeps you feeling good about yourself, go for it.

‘Cause if we were all the same, life would be dull a unbuttered toast.