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The New Job Is A Sweet One

Published June 5, 2017 by mindfulofchatter


I started my new job on the very last day of May.  My uniform consists of a tee-shirt and jeans, or black pants. They aren’t too picky as long you are clean and presentable. The only reason I need to wear the tee shirt is that I am on the floor all day.

I am working at sweets shop. We sell ice cream, cotton candy, candied apples, fudge, dipped Twinkies, dipped Pringles, dipped Oreo cookies and CANDY. Loads and loads of CANDY.


The candied apples, fudge, truffles, dipped items and such are all made on the premises. It is all fresh. They even make their waffle cones. There is a huge variety of fudge flavours that include cookie dough, pistachio and cookies and cream. Maybe one day I’ll write them all down for you. The candied apples come in several varieties from plain old caramel to rolled in mini M&M’s. Some are dipped in chocolate with a fancy drizzle on them.

And then there is the candy.

There is bulk wrapped candy sold by the pound, there is bulk loose candy sold by the pound. Love French Burnt Peanuts? We got ’em in bulk. Love Pixie Sticks? We got ’em in bulk. There is also well over 20 different kinds of salt water taffy in bulk.

We have a lot of the ‘old school’ candies as well – Cow Tails, Abba Zabba, Charleston Chew (3 flavours), Sugar Daddy, Sugar Babies, Long John, Zagnut, Bottle Caps. Chick-o-Stick, candy cigarettes, bubble gum cigars… the list goes on and on.

We also have a lot of international candies. Chocolates from Germany, Belgium, Italy, France, and Switzerland (to name a few).

And an entire section of theater box candy.

I had a customer ask me what we had that she wouldn’t find in grocery store. She was a little over whelmed as I showed her what we had. I’m pretty sure she found things no one would find in a typical grocery store.

My job is to keep it stocked and the merchandise facing the proper way. I also put things back in their proper places. On busy days I can simple continue to make my rounds, picking up strays and stocking the popular items. I can do this for 5 hours and never sit down.

It’s fun work. I like the customers. Who isn’t happy in candy shop? We get a grumpy kid once in while, but it’s a candy shop and the grumpies soon pass. Yeah, they still do crappy things from time to time, like fill a bag with different taffy flavours and then abandon the bag, but that isn’t too awful (yeah, we sort them back into the bins because they are all wrapped). But for the most part everyone who comes in is happy and amazed. They see candy from their childhood. Who can’t crack a smile remembering when they pretend smoked candy cigarettes?

I feel as though I deserve a job I like after the string of disasters I’ve had the past year. I finally found a job I like.

A sweet job.

Hershey’s Becomes A Monster

Published January 26, 2015 by mindfulofchatter

It is a sad day in our household. Hershey products are banned. All of them. Even those Cherry Cordial Kisses I like so much.

Once, Hershey was an icon of freedom. Their chocolate bars were carried by American GIs overseas. They must have handed out thousands and thousands of Hershey’s chocolate bars during wartime. Almost all Americans can remember having a Hershey’s treat during their childhood. We asked, cajoled, begged, made promises of doing chores to get mom or dad to buy us a Hershey’s chocolate bar while at the store. But those days are gone. Our image of the chocolate giant is forever changed.

My personal experience of the Chocolate Monster comes in the form of a small, local business. The owner created small cakes drenched in chocolate. They were delicious bite sized cakes. She often brought samples to our networking meetings. She worked very hard to get her product into several local businesses. That was her downfall. She was noticed by Hershey. . Nothing she made even remotely resembled a Hershey product, but Hershey shut her down. Because of a word. One word. One silly, little word. She used the word ‘kisses’ in her company name.

I am sure she is not the first small business to be shut down by the Chocolate Monster, but it is the one I know on a personal basis. And it stinks. What was Hershey so afraid of? That a baker in a small Pacific Northwest town was serious competition? To what? They make NOTHING like her product.

Hershey is a bully.

Now, Hershey has managed to ban the import of British and other European candies and chocolates to the United States. Their premise for this lawsuit was packaging. We, the stupid Americans, may confuse the British packaging with Hershey’s packaging and buy the ‘wrong’ product. As in not Hershey’s products.

Let us all remember that Mirco Soft, and even farther back, old Ma Bell were forced to divide their companies up so they would not to have a monopoly. How is what Hershey has done not fall under that same umbrella?

Hershey is forcing Americans to buy only their products. Oh sure, I can go buy Nestles’, but did you know that some of the Nestles’ products are licensed to Hershey? Kit Kat and Rolo are two of those. And now, I am not allowed to make the choice to buy British chocolate. The impact of this will be much further reaching than one may think. All those little Irish and British import stores will no longer be able to carry Cadbury chocolate, or any other British made chocolates.

Hershey is jealous and insecure. Make a better chocolate? Nope. We’d rather shut down any and all competition. You want a choice in the chocolate you buy? HA! We can control your choices. Just watch us.

Guess what, Hershey. We won’t tolerate your pettiness. Go look at your Facebook page. See all those people telling you off? See how many consumers are no longer buying your products? We may love our chocolate, but we will go without if it means buying anything Hershey makes.

Just watch us.