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Happy Birthday – Again

Published March 26, 2017 by mindfulofchatter

birthday cupcake


It seems as though you just had your birthday, and another one comes barrelling around the corner. This isn’t so when you are a kid and your birthday take F-O-R-E-V-E-R to come ’round again. As an adult (especially us who are gettin’ up there) they seem come faster and faster.

For my birthday this year I got myself a new job. The job I had, had too many issues for me to happily accept and just work without being bothered by them.

It was in retail, which in itself can be both horrible and fun. But the store I was working in was dirty and cold. No one put misplaced items back in their proper places, and there were too may empty pegs throughout the store. This is the fault of the corporate office not allowing full-time employees (this store is ‘too small’ for full time employees), along with not allowing the manager to schedule someone to do everything that needs done. An example is having only 1/2 an hour after close to do put backs (things customer decided against purchasing at the register), and cleaning the bathrooms. Yeah, this corporation is too damn cheap to hire cleaners. And it shows. They also check your purse (which has been in a locked locker all shift) before you leave after your shift. So thanks for trusting your employees. I spent every shift listening to customers complain about the cold, the mess, the disorganization.

The other issues were are squarely on management’s shoulders. My training was awful. I asked about pay periods and never got a straight, full answer. I was scheduled once to work in an area I’d hadn’t been trained for and was told ‘Someone will show you how in the morning. Then there will be a manager on all day so it shouldn’t be an issue.’ Even though everyone else had days of training beforehand, I’d be fine with just a quick run through. Breaks were not given in a timely manner. We were told at training meeting to check ‘the tour’ sheet so we could ask for a break. Why? The manager admitted being bad about breaks. This would have been okay, except my last few shifts had a blank tour sheet out. The names and shift times were on it, but no breaks. I had to ask three times to get my break times. I was once an hour and 15 minutes ‘late’ going to lunch because no one was ‘available’ to break me (this happened because the first lunch break was forgotten by management and then was taken late). Then I got quagmired by a customer with 123 items and too many coupons. The register locked and neither the assistant manager nor the manager could figure it out. My lunch break lasted through my second schedule break. I came back with 1 hour and 15 minutes left on my shift. I never got the second break I was promised. Not that it mattered. I would have gotten a 15 minute break half an hour before my shift ended.

Oh, let’s not forget the tissue that remained on the floor for a month before I finally picked it up (it was one those ‘how longer before anyone else notices’ kind of things). It was there when I came for an interview, and still there 4 weeks later. Even though the closing manager supposedly does a store walk through each night. I’m still not sure what they look at during their walk throughs. Apparently it isn’t the crap all over the floors, unfolded shirts, merchandise in the wrong areas, disorganized sections…you know, the things one would think were important?

And, in spite of stating clearly in my interview that I didn’t want to stand around doing nothing, I spent a lot time standing around doing nothing. But I can say my front sections were clean and well organized (and well swept).

So I found a new job. It pay $2.00 an hour more. It is in the town where I live and not up the road 20 miles. It will be harder work, but I won’t be standing around watching the dust drift.

So put another candle on my birthday cake. I’m another year old today!

And I got a new job.


Happy Birthday To Me. Come on! Sing With Me!

Published March 25, 2014 by mindfulofchatter



Alright, who isn’t singing? You there. Yeah, you. Sing a little louder please.

Tomorrow is my birthday. Well, depending on where you live today is my birthday. Either way I am another year older, not so much wiser and still figuring out what to be when I grow up.

I am now 55.

55 used to be the magic number of ‘senior’ discounts and retirement. No any longer. Now 62 is the average age to receive that blistering 10% off at most shops. So now that I’ve made it to 55, I still have to wait until I’m 62. When I hit 62, they will probably have upped the ante to 72.  Not that I care, it’s just one of those things that have changed with the times.

So here I sit here at 55 and look back a bit at my life. I don’t have the things most people have at my age. I don’t drive the latest car. I don’t live in a house with 5 bedrooms that I never use and 4 car garage for one car. I don’t have millions in the bank for my retirement. I will not be traveling the world in my old age. Apparently I have failed at attaining ‘The American Dream’.

My life has been unremarkable. Rather plain by most standards. But it has been fun, unpredictable and sometimes a roller coaster ride. And best of all, there is more to come.

As a kid, my family spent many a summer driving to the midwest from the west coast to visit family. Along the way we got to see things like The Alamo, Four Corners, Carlsbad Caverns, old plantation homes in the south, The French Quarter in New Orleans, Dodge City, Tombstone, Churchill Downs and loads of roadside attractions, landscapes and ‘strange’ folk. All from the door of our motorhome.

I got to have turtles, a cat, a dog, watch tadpoles turn into frogs and later on – a horse. I played in the summer rain, roller skated, climbed trees, rode my bicycle all over town and ran until I dropped. My parents taught me to love books, be curious, fix small things, ask questions, swim, explore and so much more (Yeah, I am old. I grew up with no cell phone or internet). Were my parents perfect? No. They yelled when they probably shouldn’t have and made mistakes like anyone else. But they did the best they could. After all, us kids didn’t come with instructions.

All in all, I had a grand childhood.

My adult life has been a series of ups and downs. I have been married more than once. I have known heartbreak and betrayal. I have staunch friends who always be my friends no matter how badly I screw up. My kids have lived more places than most kids who are not military brats. I sometimes feel bad that I didn’t get to give them some of the things I had as a kid. I screwed up a lot. But we had dogs and horses, and they got to do things other kids didn’t get to do. They have grown into adults I am proud of and neither one of them seem to be too awfully ruined by my mistakes.

So no. I don’t have that huge, modern house with all those empty rooms. Instead, I live in small house with my S.O., his youngest son, and four dogs. We have two old cars and one newish car. We watch our pennies and shop gleefully at thrift shops and discount markets (Yes, gleefully. Thrift shops are a blast!). We are happy and relatively healthy. We have what we need. And best of all, we have the important stuff.

Each other.

The true ‘American’ Dream.


Turning The Page

Published March 24, 2013 by mindfulofchatter

pages turning

Tomorrow is my birthday. Tomorrow I will 54. Tomorrow I begin a new job. Tomorrow I turn the page and begin again.

I am not in a mid-life crisis. I figure 55 is when that should set in. So I have a little time to plan what stupid and crazy thing I will do when I realize I am too old for whatever. Until then, I think I’ll just continue along the twisty turny path I am on.

The nice things about turning the page, is that all of the new pages are all blank. I can write, scribble, watercolour and splatter on them all I want. I don’t have to thumb back through the rotten pages, or remember when I did that stupid thing. I can choose what to look back on, what to dwell on and for how long. Or to not dwell at all. After all, I made all those decisions and I can’t run backwards and change them now. Not unless a man in blue box appears and decides I am worthy of his company. I’m not seeing that happening anytime soon. So I go forward.

Forward is a scary place. There is no net to catch me. If I fail, I fail on my own. I have no one to catch me, and only a few to cheer me forward. My younger self had a fistful of friends and a network of people. My older self does not have those things. Friends have moved on, as I have moved on. We are now scattered across the globe and touch fingertips once in a while. I have only a couple of stanch friends who most likely always be there as a shoulder, but they can’t be much more. Nor do I don’t expect them to be.

I have no significant other. There is no man I am dating. Not even a FWB. I am alone, in that respect. Not so much really lonely (though there are days I feel very much all alone), just on my own. I stand on my own two feet and face what ever decisions I make. Bad or good. It’s all on me. And I am just peachy with that. (Okay, don’t get me wrong here. I’d love to find a partner in life. I just don’t need one to be all right. I know, I know. That tends scares the bejesus out of some men. Too bad, guys. As they say, Cowboy Up.)

It really doesn’t matter how old you are, dear reader. It all still applies. Be happy alone. It makes you better in relationships. No one but you can make you happy. Move forward. Especially when your life hits the crapper. Step up out of the crap, and go forward. Forward is where the good stuff will be. Trust me, it isn’t hiding in the crap. Take responsibility for the decisions you make. You made them. It’s no one else’s fault, so stop saying it is. You are gonna make some bad ones (I sure have). See it, learn from it, move forward. Know who your real friends are. A few true friends are far better than tons of flakey ones. So you have 562 Facebook friends. How many of those are truly there to help you when you make that bad decision and fall into the crapper? Yeah, I thought so. Don’t dwell on the past. It’s over. It’s done. You can’t change it. Move forward.

So I am turning the page, starting out as fresh as I can. A new year in my life. A new chance to find my niche.

I don’t know what’s out there, but I will soon enough.