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Happy Birthday – Again

Published March 26, 2017 by mindfulofchatter

birthday cupcake


It seems as though you just had your birthday, and another one comes barrelling around the corner. This isn’t so when you are a kid and your birthday take F-O-R-E-V-E-R to come ’round again. As an adult (especially us who are gettin’ up there) they seem come faster and faster.

For my birthday this year I got myself a new job. The job I had, had too many issues for me to happily accept and just work without being bothered by them.

It was in retail, which in itself can be both horrible and fun. But the store I was working in was dirty and cold. No one put misplaced items back in their proper places, and there were too may empty pegs throughout the store. This is the fault of the corporate office not allowing full-time employees (this store is ‘too small’ for full time employees), along with not allowing the manager to schedule someone to do everything that needs done. An example is having only 1/2 an hour after close to do put backs (things customer decided against purchasing at the register), and cleaning the bathrooms. Yeah, this corporation is too damn cheap to hire cleaners. And it shows. They also check your purse (which has been in a locked locker all shift) before you leave after your shift. So thanks for trusting your employees. I spent every shift listening to customers complain about the cold, the mess, the disorganization.

The other issues were are squarely on management’s shoulders. My training was awful. I asked about pay periods and never got a straight, full answer. I was scheduled once to work in an area I’d hadn’t been trained for and was told ‘Someone will show you how in the morning. Then there will be a manager on all day so it shouldn’t be an issue.’ Even though everyone else had days of training beforehand, I’d be fine with just a quick run through. Breaks were not given in a timely manner. We were told at training meeting to check ‘the tour’ sheet so we could ask for a break. Why? The manager admitted being bad about breaks. This would have been okay, except my last few shifts had a blank tour sheet out. The names and shift times were on it, but no breaks. I had to ask three times to get my break times. I was once an hour and 15 minutes ‘late’ going to lunch because no one was ‘available’ to break me (this happened because the first lunch break was forgotten by management and then was taken late). Then I got quagmired by a customer with 123 items and too many coupons. The register locked and neither the assistant manager nor the manager could figure it out. My lunch break lasted through my second schedule break. I came back with 1 hour and 15 minutes left on my shift. I never got the second break I was promised. Not that it mattered. I would have gotten a 15 minute break half an hour before my shift ended.

Oh, let’s not forget the tissue that remained on the floor for a month before I finally picked it up (it was one those ‘how longer before anyone else notices’ kind of things). It was there when I came for an interview, and still there 4 weeks later. Even though the closing manager supposedly does a store walk through each night. I’m still not sure what they look at during their walk throughs. Apparently it isn’t the crap all over the floors, unfolded shirts, merchandise in the wrong areas, disorganized sections…you know, the things one would think were important?

And, in spite of stating clearly in my interview that I didn’t want to stand around doing nothing, I spent a lot time standing around doing nothing. But I can say my front sections were clean and well organized (and well swept).

So I found a new job. It pay $2.00 an hour more. It is in the town where I live and not up the road 20 miles. It will be harder work, but I won’t be standing around watching the dust drift.

So put another candle on my birthday cake. I’m another year old today!

And I got a new job.


Eyebrows. Who knew?

Published March 17, 2017 by mindfulofchatter


As some of you know, I decided to stop plucking my eyebrows and let them grow back to their mostly natural state.  I am keeping the uni-brow from becoming a reality and keeping the outer edges more or less shaped. Since I tend to be lazy about this, it’s pretty much less.

It’s been 13 days since I stopped plucking and pulling the little hairs out. They still look rather patchy and funny. There are a few gray hairs in there as well. I’ve noticed I have a stripe under each brow that is devoid of hair at the moment. I wondered about those and had a closer look in mirror.

There are some hairs growing in the little desert strip, but they are very blonde and don’t show. I also noticed that there are the beginnings of brow hair showing up, even though they haven’t sprouted yet. Over all, things still look a bit odd so I decided to do a little eyebrow research.

Mind you, most of the eyebrow information I found was on some sort of beauty site, so they include ‘tips’ for faster re-growth. I ignored those.

Like all hair, eyebrows grow in a cycle. Eyebrows tend to run on a 5 -7 week growth cycle. Because plucking pulls everything out, it can take longer as the follicle needs to re-form and so on. If you over pluck or shave your eyebrows, it can take up to 2 years before they recover fully. In a few cases, they may never grow back. The average time for eyebrows to fully re-grow is 56 – 65 days for adults.

So it seems I remain looking a bit odd for a while longer. I don’t mind. I’m having sort of a fun time watching them re-grow. I do try to keep them groomed – meaning I brush all the hairs to face the same direction. I am not into penciling in the gaps, or pomading them into place, or using some concoction to make them grow a little faster. When all the little hairs have made it back in place, I will deal with whatever weirdness is left then. The gray ones don’t bother me. They are part of the badge of making it this far in life.

Not only is my grooming life a bit easier, but now I’ve gone learned something as well. For me, this is a plus. Who knew there was so much to learn about eyebrows?

Pretty darn cool, if you ask me.


Personal Reset

Published March 4, 2017 by mindfulofchatter



So the entire dating thing went amiss, as it usually does, leaving me to contemplate my navel and other assorted body parts. After removing about ten years whole of belly button lint, I came to a couple of decisions.

A) I need to clean out my belly button more often.

B) I am done colouring my hair.

C) I am done with plucking my eyebrows into ‘the perfect shape’.

Why would I do these things? Especially the eyebrow thing. Who in their right mind would DO this??!!?? I will be so unfeminine! Why, oh why, would I make these changes? For me, it’s easy.

The hair.

When I was young, my hair was very blonde all on its own. I didn’t do anything to it except wash it and brush it. As I got older, it got darker. I started to dye it when it got to be very dark blonde (or light brown, as I like to call it). And that was okay – the colouring part. I did it myself, and it wasn’t a big deal.

But now I am getting a bit grey at the temples, in fact all along the front edges. I like the grey. It’s like a badge of making it to older adulthood. I don’t want to cover it up. I earned those grey hairs. They are a part of who I am.  I bought my last box of colour the other day. This morning I coloured my hair for the last time, combing my gray bits forward and leaving them out of the process. Life will be a little easier and I won’t be looking for those dark roots every couple of weeks. I suppose when I renew my driver’s license, I’ll have to update my hair colour to brown. Hmmmmmm…

The brows.

I was late to the plucking party. I didn’t do anything to my eyebrows until I was in my late 20’s or early 30’s (I honestly don’t remember). I kept the uni-brow at bay and that was about it. Then someone suggested a shaping and the whole party got out of control. For a while, I got them waxed when I got my hair trimmed, and that was nice. But waxing takes money and time and appointments and finding someone who does it how you like it and – bah! I’m tired of it. Not the mention that brow fashion changes every so often, and I have no interest in keeping with The Joneses or anybody else. My brows were fine before, they will be fine now. Well, once they grow back in.

So I quit plucking. They itch and they look awful because, of course, the hairs won’t just grow in all together. I have a patch here and one over there. I’m wondering if this how men feel when they begin to grow a beard? I’m pretty sure my co-workers wonder why I am avoiding the spa and getting those puppies waxed. My scar from a surgery long, long ago will show again. Maybe it will make me look tough. Like a ruffian.

The uni-brow will kept at bay and the outer edges will be kept clear of the dark hairs. It’s less time and aggravation for me.

The funny thing is, these two decisions are sort of a result of the attempt to date. Not the attempt itself, but the comments and the clarifications of what men are looking for. The more I read, the more I wondered about why I did certain things. All those must haves made me shudder. Well I must have a life that suits me and not some guy I’ve never met.

What about you? What things are you doing be more attractive to someone else? Or because some star is doing it? Or because you think it makes you more feminine?

I’m going to do what makes my life a little less complicated. Those stupid eyebrows will eventually catch up and look even again. My hair will continue to get grey and grow long again. I will continue to just be me, and not worry about what anyone else thinks.

And you? Be happy with who you are.