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The Apartment

Published December 9, 2016 by mindfulofchatter

After much hoopla and paperwork, we have gotten into our apartment. I only wish it was as nice as Jack Lemmon’s in the movie ‘The Apartment’.

After much running about and getting this bit of paper and that bit of paper, we were given the keys. We were both a bit shell-shocked after seeing the place in person. It nothing to write home about. In fact, it is nothing to really even bother to write about at all. And yet, here I am sharing it with you.

It is very small, which I expected. You know, small but tiny. It is pretty much a large studio with a wall added to make a bedroom. But that is not the issue.

It is corner unit. This means they squeezed an apartment into the corner of the building. This also means we have long, dark hallway to the living area. There is a sharp turn into said narrow hallway that we need to squeeze furniture into without ruining it. There is no light fixture in the hallway. It is dark, even in the middle of the day. Beds are going to be an issue.

The kitchen consists of one cupboard with a sink, a stove and small refrigerator. No counter space. No place to put food and dishes away. There is no prep space, and no place to put a dish drainer.  The ‘counter’ is about 8″ wide.  The drawers (all four of them) are all very narrow. There is no way to put the flatware in the drawer in a flatware holder. There is no place to store pots and pans except under the stove. It’s not even a kitchenette. I refer to it as the kitch.


Take note of the size of the door in the rear of the photo. That’s the bathroom with its tiny door and minuscule shower. Seriously. The shower is perhaps as large as an old school telephone booth. The light fixture and medicine cabinet line up with each other, but the sink does not. While the sink is under the medicine cabinet, it is off to one side a bit. I have no idea who put this together, but it wasn’t well thought out.  There one lone towel rack behind the door. There are no other cupboards or shelves in the bathroom. And no outlets. The lone outlet I found is in the light fixture. And it’s just one outlet, not even a double. Yeah. We can plug in one thing. Only one.

Did you take note of the size of the doorway? Well, check it again. There is another one of those narrow, little doors on the other side of the refrigerator. That is the bedroom. I am still wondering how the hell I am supposed to get a bed in there. There is no room to turn. The dresser was (which isn’t long nor wide) was a squeeze.

There are no cupboards, shelves, or even niches in which to store anything. There is a small (coat) closet in the living room and a closet in the bedroom. That’s it. Any other storage cupboards will be our responsibility to provide.

This place rivals my very first apartment where the floor was so tilted in the hallway, I could roll a ball down it without giving it push. This is, indeed, a disappointment.

We found one small cupboard at a thrift shop. It has been cleaned up, the latch repaired and the shelves have been covered with contact paper. Now we have a small pantry. Other storage cupboards and a small table will be ordered soon and set up to give us more pantry space and a prep area. We will make it work.

We have signed a 6 month lease and are in the process of making it home. My things are here and I have been putting things away and packing to store what I don’t need. In a couple of weeks, my roommate’s things will arrive and the circus will begin all over again. We are getting the hang of the new town and each other. It has been crazy and stressful.

But we’re here. We have a roof over our heads and we are safe.