The Great Move is At Hand

Published November 26, 2016 by mindfulofchatter


Today was my last at work. Due to last minute changes from the higher-ups, I was not scheduled to work the holiday as I had planned. So much for a little extra pay. But my last day went smoothly and I am happy to leave behind the world of housekeeping and cleaning up after people who think it’s their given right to leave horrendous messes in their wake.

There have been a few wrinkles in the system. Most have been smoothed out, the rest will be worked out as best we (roommate and I) can.

One of the wrinkles was refilling my medications. I rang today to refill them one last time. I six tablets left. Six. I was told it’s too early to refill the prescription. I find it hard to believe that six days before I run is too early, but on the other hand, I am not surprised.

This ‘health’ clinic has failed me over and over since I was assigned to it as my primary care provider. I rang two weeks ago to get in to speak with my primary care physician. I was told two things: She is on vacation for a week, and there are no appointments until next month. No offer was made to set me up with someone else, even after I explained why I wanted an appointment.

Next I tried the walk-in clinic. I was told in the past the walk-in clinic would ALWAYS take care of me if I could not get in the see my primary care physician. At the window, I explained my situation. I was told that while it may be urgent to me, the walk-in clinic did not provide the service I required. This is the third time the walk-in clinic has failed to meet my needs.

But with the medical issue aside, the rest has been going fairly smoothly. The furniture I can not take has been sold or given away. I have my boxes neatly stacked in was once my bedroom ready to load on the truck Monday morning. I was worried about having enough room, but a tape measure and moment taken measuring the length of my box stack assured me I will have enough room. Whew!

I have my trusty air mattress set up in the living room and made up. The apartment is beginning to have the echo-y sound of an empty apartment. Almost everything has been packed. I have a few more things to pack up and few more cupboards to wipe clean. I have managed to clean all the blinds, window sills, and spackled holes as I took things off the walls. Curtains have been taken down, laundered, and folded into a box. To top things off, the weather is supposed break a little for loading and driving. What more can one ask for?

While here are few things to iron out at the destination point, The room-mate and I are hopeful those wrinkles will shake out in a timely manner. We do have an alternate plan, but we are hoping we won’t need to use it at all, or at least, not for very long. Please cross your fingers everything falls into place.

Here’s to a new adventure!



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