Moving On

Published November 9, 2016 by mindfulofchatter



Since I have lost the battle to stay in my little apartment, changes must be made. The means I am moving, again. I seem to live rather a gypsy life without intending to do so.

Initially, I had a friend who was going to share he very small space with me while we looked an apartment. Low income housing is as much a premium, even more so really, than reasonable priced housing. Housing in my part of the world is insane. Housing costs have raced far ahead of wages.

So we have been looking for a low-income apartment to share. She had already applied at one complex, and found she was number 97 on the waiting list. Somehow, being number 97 doesn’t say ‘Live here Today!’. But this new one, in a different town, closer to where she would like to be, popped up on Craigslist.

Off she ran to apply. There are a lot of hoops to jump through for these places. But she filled out the application and chatted with the manager. And waited. She was number 3 on the list. Three. A chance for an apartment.

Last week she got the call. She raced to fill out the remaining paperwork. Last week, I filled out my paperwork. Unless something goes horribly wrong with background checks, we are in.

We will have an apartment.

So I am packing and doing the things to close an apartment. I have written my landlord, cancelled my internet, reserved a truck and trailer and have begun packing up once again. I have to do this alone, and while I prefer to pack myself, but it does get old doing it alone time after time. My body tends to revolt more often than it used it.

This time the truck will be smaller and easier to handle (in theory), my friend will rally the troops to help unload at the far end. We will get it done and figure things out as we go. All and all, things will be okay.

As my follower, Laurie, said;

…this was not a battle lost but rather the beginning of a new amazing journey.

Thank you, Laurie. You were right.



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