Facebook. Why Are you there?

Published October 25, 2016 by mindfulofchatter



I recently made the decision to leave Facebook. I mean LEAVE.

I didn’t deactivate my account. I deleted it.

I had posted that I was going to take hiatus from the ol’ FB. I wasn’t planning on leaving at that time. Just stepping away and getting my head back together. I needed a break from all the hate that is now spewed every minute of every day.

I had said plainly, ‘I am taking a hiatus for Facebook. If you would to like to stay in touch, please PM for my e-mail and/or phone number.’ This, to me seemed like a simple thing to do. Some people have my e-mail already, some my telephone number, a few have both. I wasn’t expecting a full inbox.

What I got was two people asking for contact info, and several making rather odd, almost mean, comments.

It was the comments that made me just leave. Why be so unkind? Why be so mean? Do you even think before you type that crap? And I see that all over FB. Sure, it’s easy when no one can see you to type some nasty comment, call someone names or bully that poor kid at your school (note: you are a total butthole if you bully anyone). But you don’t have to do that. I once typed a comment about a comment and got raked over the coals because I was ‘judging her life’. I wasn’t judging her life. I never even MENTIONED her life. Only her comment. But that was lost on her completely. Even after I pointed that out to her.

The people I got on FB for, all those years ago, are rarely on. My kids rarely use FB for anything (I guess I did something right).  I can text, or ring, them.  My close friends already have my contact info. While it was fun to re-connect with some old high school friends, we still never talk. Before I made my exit, I had disconnected from several people who never, ever actually talked. All they ever did was post cat photos or something similar. Why be on FB if you aren’t going to actually talk to anyone?

So I have to ask. Why are YOU on Facebook?

Do you get your news there? Because if that’s your news source, you are in trouble. Are you there to keep in touch with your friends? If so, are you actually keeping in touch, or just posting cat photos? Family? Really? You can’t just call your own family?

I’m not here to say leave Facebook. I am here to say:

Think before you post. Don’t be a douche when you post. Don’t spew hate because you disagree. Don’t bully anyone. Don’t name call.

Be compassionate. Be upbeat. Agree to disagree – nicely. Remember what you say to another human effects them. So be a good effect, not a bad one. As my mom would have said ‘If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.’

I find it sad, the state of Facebook, really. It was supposed be a fun place to share photos, events and to keep in touch. It has turned into a place for spewing hate, name calling and bullying.

And I want no part of that.


2 comments on “Facebook. Why Are you there?

  • I was going to write a detailed rebuttal to this blog. For instance, people say hateful mean things and/or they post cat photos. Hmm. Both at the same time ? Not logical. How did you sell the gorgeous skulls and make up a month’s rent : Facebook. Yes, there are a lot of hateful spews – going on (largely because of the election) – so ignore them, delete them or unfriend the spewers. You can do whatever you want of course, and I am not going to argue your decision, but your rationale is pretty pretentious. Yes, pretentious. And I did not write any of this , because I felt awful about Gus.
    I am a person who enjoys SOME of Facebook, because I am phonaphobic. I do not ever phone my kids or my lover or my friends, it would make me throw up to do so. Literally. But I love seeing what my friends are up to – exploring Tasmania or Scotland or Ireland, or eating ridiculous meals, or competing in the Thoroughbred Makeover in Kentucky – or even posting pictures of their cats. But especially their dogs. I keep track of over 400 dogs via Facebook, and I love them. I stay in touch with MY world via Facebook, and I have no other really equally accessible way of doing so. Phones terrify me.
    So I will not phone you (or anyone) and I will no longer be able to see how you are doing – which was important to me. Who wins ? No one.

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