An Update on The GusMonster

Published October 22, 2016 by mindfulofchatter

Gus 14 years

Gus and I are facing the ever shortening road. His days are winding down. We are not far from the Rainbow Bridge.

Gus is doing okay. Not great. His good days are getting to be fewer. His bad days are becoming more common.

His coat is rougher to the touch. His thirst now varies day to day from normal to extreme. There is a sometimes a touch of blood in his urine. He has painful days. I see how much he hurts some days just getting up and walking. His balance is iffy most of the time now. I make sure I at the stairs to ‘help’ him (he intensely dislikes any help). He is beginning to throw up once in while. And he is coughing more often. Every so often he looks lost, as if he forgot why he got up.

I know things are not going to get better. This is not going to pass.

Gus is headed towards the Rainbow Bridge.

Rocky, Spenser, Tuff, Sydney; all will be there to meet him. Tails will wag and chases will begin. Gus will shed this dying body and be happy and healthy once again.

I don’t want him to go, but I can’t wait for him to be free once more.



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