When Staying at a Hotel…

Published October 17, 2016 by mindfulofchatter



One of my new jobs is at a local hotel in the housekeeping department. I have been a hotel housekeeper before, a long, long time ago. The job of a hotel housekeeper, or maid, is the prepare the rooms for the next guest, and refresh the rooms of the people who are staying longer than one night.

Many people do not realize how hard that work is. The bed linens are heavy to carry. There are sometimes up to 14 bathrooms to clean in one day, per maid. Some of those 14 rooms have more than one bed that needs stripped and remade. We dust, we vacuum, we pick up the trash left behind, clean out the fridges and change out all the towels. If you think it’s easy, please, be my guest and try for one day. After your 2 day recovery period, let me know how you’re feeling.

So I want to say a few things to those of you who travel and stay at hotels, and to those you who chaperon bands, drill teams and the like on road trips.

Stop being pigs. Stop being disgusting humans.

My job is hard enough without you trashing a room. I don’t need to spend 20 minutes, or more,  picking up the trash you’ve left all over the room. I don’t need to have to search to find all the towels you’ve stuffed behind the furniture. I don’t need to pick up all your nasty dishes, fast food wrappers, half full coffee cups and endless kleenex. Nor do I need to crawl on the floor fishing your crap out from under the bed. There are trash cans in every room. Use them.

Have an accident? Did your dog or toddler take a dump on the bed? Call the front desk and ask for help. The desk is there 24/7. I don’t need to find the bed and all the sheets full of shit. Or the towels. The nice dude, or dudette, at the front desk can get you some plastic bags and help you get it cleaned up before it becomes a mess with a life of its own. And you can have a clean bed to sleep in as well.

For those you who think that by trashing a room I am keeping my job. Stop being so stupid. I HAVE a job. My job is the clean that room for the next guest. You acting like a disgusting pig and trashing the room only makes my job harder, and makes my day longer. You being a disgusting pig, impacts everyone’s day. From mine to the other maids to the laundry people. Thing only you’ve really accomplished is make us all more tired, and show us what horrible, nasty human you are. We are not impressed.

So be thoughtful. Put your damn trash in the trash cans. Need a bigger bag? Ask at the front desk. They will gladly give you a large trash bag or several more small ones.

What to help a little?

Pile all the used towels together in one place, preferably the bathroom. Toss all the used soap and shampoo in the trash can. Make sure the toilet has been flushed. No one likes that surprise.

Put all of your trash in a trash can or trash bag. Empty out any half bottles, cans or cups, and toss them in there as well.

Want to really help?

Strip your bed. Put the sheets and pillow cases in a pile, the bedspread and blanket in another pile.

Mostly, think about someone besides yourself. Don’t be a pig. Don’t make a huge mess just because you can. Don’t think you are helping people keep their jobs, because you aren’t. It’s just you being disgusting.

If you are chaperoning a band, drill team, debate team, or whatever; check on your kids. Don’t let them trash a room either. I don’t care that you aren’t their parent, you agreed to be responsible for them on this trip, so be flippin’ responsible! Stick your head in their rooms and make them pick up after themselves. At check out, do the same thing. Don’t let them zip out and leave a trashed room behind. There is no need for them to learn to be a disgusting human so early in life. Stop it before it becomes a habit.

Mostly, just be polite. Pick up after yourself. Call the front desk if something goes awry. Above all, enjoy your stay.

We really do love having you come to visit.







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