‘Tis The Time For Halloween! And Seasonal Employment.

Published October 5, 2016 by mindfulofchatter



October it here. Where I live it was ushered in riding on rain and overcast skies. This is a nice break from the heat we have had of late. The leaves are beginning their change. I see sweaters and boots making their early fall appearances. I often need a light sweater in the morning.

Gus is still chugging along. I can see some decline here and there. I know that time is running away from us., but we are still here, still together, still wishing Artemis knew what personal space is (Artemis is my second dog. She grew up with Gus, often sitting on his head, his back, his haunches. She has no clue about personal space). I changed his diet a bit and his appetite has improved.

I have snagged a seasonal job. This means I have to make changes in Gus’ day to day routine. I am no longer here to let him out every two hours. So now I have to plan to triple pad him and make sure his bladder is empty when I leave for work. I have asked for 4 – 6 hour shifts, explaining to my manager the situation. My manager is a marvelous, understanding young man. He has scheduled me for 8 hour shifts with an hour for lunch so I can come home and take care of Gus. I repay that kindness by working harder.

The job is a retail gig at a pop-up Halloween shop. Pop-up stores are so named because they pop-up for the season only, then are gone as fast as they arrived. I am on the floor helping people find their costume, accessories, and make-up. My theatre past has already made me the go to person for make-up and costume ideas. I stock, keep aisles clear and put back things that have wandered to the wrong section.. My organizational skills have also been noticed, and I am often asked to re-display a wall of items to make more sense and have a better presentation.

I hurt from head to toe, though that is passing as my body gets accustomed to the new found exercise routine. My feet are not liking all the walking, but they t00 are getting the hang of it. And I bought a little tub to soak them in when I get home. I must be kind to my feet. My managers are great people. So far, most of my co-workers are good to work with. Overall I am enjoying it.

I won’t make much because they don’t pay much. Surprisingly though, they pay a little better than some of the permanent jobs here. It is part time as well, so again – I won’t make much. I am hoping it will cover my living expenses for October so my only worry will be November. One worry at a time, eh?

I have applied at the post office for seasonal work there as well. I am worried about the hours there. They begin between 2 and 5 A.M.. That will be a struggle for me. I am no night owl, and I find sleeping during the day very difficult.

I won’t know for a while if I even have that post office job, so until then I will just worry about tomorrow.



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