Where To Go From Here

Published September 18, 2016 by mindfulofchatter

Lately I have been painting little skulls I found at my local dollar store. I painted a couple to be sugar skulls, posted them online and ka-boom!, people wanted them. For now, this is my source of income. My only source of income. It is not much, but I will be able to pay my current bills.

My GoFundMe was pretty much a flop, as expected. A few wonderful people donated (THANK YOU!!), but many more passed it by. Again, I find it funny that if the 282 people who viewed it had donated a simple $10, I would have damn near made my goal of $3k. I know that money is tight for almost everyone, and those who want to give choose carefully. And, as usual for me, there was a disaster almost as soon as I began my campaign. I should take that as a sign.

I have filled more applications. I spent over an hour filling out one for the post office. Their online application is tedious and you can not copy and paste information onto it. Who made that decision? It took a lot longer to fill out because every single form space had to be manually typed in. Including work history and duty descriptions. Sheesh.

Tomorrow I will go apply for a job I don’t want, in an industry I don’t want to work in. Why? Because I have to. I need a job, or income that covers my bills. At the moment I have neither.

I friend steered me to website for seniors looking for jobs. It was a very nice thought, but either the site does not work, or there is nothing at my end of the country on that site. I filled in all the spaces, hit go and got a lot on nothing. Not even one of those little notes that pop up to tell you there is nothing matching your search (I used to get that message on dating sites – *lol*).

Today I will continue to fill my dia de los muertos craneos orders, take the dogs to the park, and keep the wheels turning.

Have a grand day as well.

PS Gus is still with us. He is having more issues with his back and hind end control. Overall, he is doing better than I expected him to. He is still pretty bright most days, and still wants to go with me in the car. I changed his food a little and he is eating better, though on occasion, he won’t eat first thing in the morning. I think his stomach is upset some days, but I feed him a little later and he is fine.





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