Published June 20, 2016 by mindfulofchatter

Highway Signpost "Downsizing - Straight Ahead"


It is an odd thing to begin to prepare to be homeless and live in an RV. There are things to be done and decisions to be made. Having a home for the entirety of ones life means there is a lot of downsizing to do.

Over the years I have downsized quite a bit simply because I got tired of hauling so much stuff with me. Having less feels lighter. Once you downsize, you find you don’t need things any longer. It feels good.

Now I have to decide what I can keep and what I can’t. What is important, and what is just stuff.

Of all of my furniture, there is only one piece I loath to sell. My desk was my mother’s desk. It is called an organ desk because it was made into a desk from the shell of a small organ or piano forte. It looks exactly like some of the piano fortes you see in period films. My mother found it in some little antique shop and had it refinished. It is odd and beautiful. It one of the few things I have from her. But it won’t fit in an RV. All in all, it’s just a desk, but I will miss it.

My things, my stuff, my set-abouts all have to be packed into something small enough to fit in an RV storage space. I have all ready whittled them down to things I cherish most. I cleaned out my fabric stash and that is down to one medium-sized bin. I doubt that will come with me, but the other medium-sized bin is the one that hold my stuff. All of my stuff must fit in that bin, or it goes. I am a good packer, so I think very little will go to the wayside. I am glad I did sort through and donate not long ago.

There things that will need to go to my children because I can’t keep them. Family photos, my father’s medals and other family items that need to be passed along will be passed along sooner than I thought they would. No worries, I am the only one who had children and my sisters have no interest in these things.

Artwork, posters, antique photos, antique fashion plates – all the things the decorate my walls will have to face some sort of sort and sell music. Some I will not part with quite yet and will have to pack carefully. Others will be given to friends I know will love them and appreciate them.

My sewing machines will be one of the toughest things to decide on. I know there won’t be room for both the sewing machine and the serger. There may not be room for either one. I won’t know until I find a vehicle and can see how much room there is. The cutting table, the dress form most of my craft and sewing stash will have to go. I know this. I don’t like it, but I know there won’t be room.

I appreciate those who have shared, and those who have donated. Every small donation works towards the larger goal. A friend of mine shared my gofundme with a group that has 10,000 members. Ten thousand! To think that is each person donated $2, I would be well on my way to my new home. That is mind-boggling indeed!

Please continue to share:

Thank you all so very much. I appreciate it, and so do the dogs. Well, the dogs just want to eat and ride in car. I can only imagine an RV will be heaven for them.

Home and travel all in one.




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