Published June 16, 2016 by mindfulofchatter

I have been thinking quite a bit about what happened in Orlando. I’ve read a few good blog posts about the shooter, the victims, and the families and friends touched by the violence. It was stomach dropping to read on Facebook that one of my friends was safe. No one should ever have to read that on social media.

And all the while I don’t understand.

I don’t understand hate to that degree. How can a person hate another person so strongly based on such things as skin colour, religion or sexual orientation? Those things are superficial. They are not the basis for the human encased within that package. They have nothing to do with character, kindness or the  ability to love.

The history of humans is well steeped in violence against itself for these very same things. Millions of human lives have been taken in the name of hate for someone who was different in some way. All these centuries later, and we still have not learned to simply accept another person as they are. I am not saying agree with, or even like, that person. Simply accept them as they are. There is no need to be hateful, to name call, to be rude, to throw things. And there is never a reason to kill someone.

So I do not understand.

I have a friend who listens to and plays and a type of music I do not care for. I do not always agree with this persons view. But I still count this person as a friend. I do not hate this person for their music or their views. We are simply people with different tastes and different points of view.

So I don’t understand.

I once had a co-worker who would come up ask questions like ‘If you were a unicorn, what colour would you be?’. A lot of people didn’t like her. I found her fun. We were assigned to work together one day. We were laughing and talking and having one heck of a grand time. Someone came up asked us what we were talking about, we were having so much fun. Religion, we chimed back. The asker was taken aback. How could we be having so much fun talking religion??!??!! We were exchanging ideas, talking about alternate views, different ways to think about certain aspects of common beliefs. We were listening, discussing and sharing. Neither of us demanding the other change how they thought or what they believed.

So I don’t understand.

I read that a ‘church’ group is planning on picketing the funerals of those killed in Orlando. They plan to this because of their own hate. They seem to think that they can show the world they are right and everyone else is wrong, when all they are doing is showing the world their hate. In doing so, they are also disturbing those in mourning who have lost a son, a daughter, a friend, a spouse.

What a horrible thing to do. How unkind. How unfeeling. How hateful.

So I don’t understand.

All of my time on earth, a fleeting 57 years, and I still do not understand how to hate another human being based on such superficial things as skin colour, religion or sexual orientation. Stop reaching for your bible to ‘prove’ it. Stop blaming it on sun flares. Stop looking at the outside package and making judgments. Just stop. Just stop hating.

Start doing your best to like, or dislike, the person in front of you based on who they are. Inside, where it counts.



Oh, and I would be a purple unicorn. Yeah. Purple.




2 comments on “Hate

  • What a wonderful post! I’m glad that your friend in Orlando is OK. How very frightening that must have been. Much like yourself, I too, found out that a friend of mine had been in Pulse but was OK. I don’t understand hate either. It’s just simply explicable to me. By the way, I’d like to be a rainbow colored unicorn. 😉

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