Moving Forward – Again.

Published May 27, 2016 by mindfulofchatter

I am startled to see how long I have been writing this little blog. I am always amazed that I have a small group of followers. Wow. Just wow.

I when I started writing here, I mostly relayed humorous stories about life. My life and my futile attempts to date using online dating services. Well, ‘service’ is a rather strong word for what you get at online dating sites.

Lately I have noticed a descent into a darkness that I do not care to be in. There is no longer humor in my posts, only screams, thrashing about and anger. Like, ew. While it helps me to let it out, it not necessarily what I intended to share. And while I can’t promise there won’t be more screaming, thrashing about and anger, I will try to share my goings on in more, um, entertaining fashion.

There are decisions to be made. Lifelong dreams to brought to life.

I recently met a woman who made homeless with 4 children and 30 rescue dogs. Everyone told her to give up the dogs. She refused. She had a dream and those dogs were a part of it. She made a promise to those dogs and she was going to keep it. Still, the people in her world told her it was impossible.

Guess what? A patron donated an RV for her and her children to live in. A retired couple who used run a kennel, which now stood empty, invited her to live on their property and bring all the dogs. Nine days ago, escrow closed on the kennel and she and her children moved in to the house at the kennel. She now owns the kennel and that property is now home to her rescue.

My own dreams are not as big as hers. This woman understands how it feels when people tell you can’t do something. People have been telling me most of my life that how I want to live is impossible, ridiculous, and silly.

With a little luck, I will be on my way to my dreams in the next few months. I know it will not happen over night.

The time has come to shake off the darkness and step into the light.



3 comments on “Moving Forward – Again.

  • Yep. I unfortunately lacked a patron, but I was homeless 19 years ago with 3 kids and three dogs, living out of a Ford Taurus. But I got lucky at some point (plus some not so lucky along the way), and things are a lot…safer today.

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