The Eleventh Hour Save

Published April 2, 2016 by mindfulofchatter



I have been away and have been unable to update my situation lately. Several things fell together at the last-minute and I have been running ever since.

I was saved from my downward spiral at the eleventh hour.

I was called for a job interview 2 weeks ago. I didn’t know what to expect, as usual. They were looking for an office assistant. It was located in a small town just north of me, about 20 minutes away. I stepped into the small lobby and was asked to wait a few minutes while the owner of the company wiggled out of her busy office to sit in on the interview.

The three of us , the owner, the administrative assistant, and myself, sat in the small lobby and chatted. It was a very relaxed interview. They asked about my experience, if I thought I learned quickly, and if I liked a busy day. A small dog wandered in and asked to get acquainted. I learned his name was Gus. Gus sniffed me over and promptly hopped into the chair next to me to be petted. I petted Gus and answered questions. The next thing I knew, the boss lady said ‘Well, if no one has anymore questions, I am fine with her. Can you start Monday?’. And just like that, I had a job.

I agreed to begin that following Monday. I drove a short distance, stopped and called my property manager. I told her I was staying in my apartment. I had a job. I called Luke and told him I didn’t have to move back into the spare room. I had a job. I rolled down my window and rejoiced to the world. I had a job!

I spent that weekend unpacking all the things I had packed up so carefully. I rearranged my apartment to the way I thought might work better. I re-hung my art and photos. I cleaned out things I no longer needed. In short, I finished making my apartment my home.

This has been difficult. This been heart wrenching. This has been eye-opening. People opened their hearts, their time, their pocketbooks and offered their homes to me. It was unexpected. It left me astounded and often in tears. I have many ‘thank you’s’ to attend to.

They are late, but they will be fully heartfelt.




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