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Published March 13, 2016 by mindfulofchatter

Yesterday was a very difficult day.

Yesterday was the day I looked my current life straight in the eyes, and realized I can no longer stay in my apartment.

Yesterday was the day I climbed the steps to a storage business to inquire about renting space, only to find out they are full and expensive. Even the small ones are beyond my current financial ability.

My knees wobbled, my heart fluttered, tears threatened to spill. But I faced the day and made arrangements I needed to make.

I have to call my landlord’s manager and explain what has happened. I will leave my unit in move in condition. I may even have a line on good tenant to take my place. It’s the least I can do with a short move out notice.

I will packed up my things and downsize again. I already have boxes neatly lined against one wall, labeled and ready to move.

I am one of the lucky ones. I will not be homeless. I will not have to live in my car. I will not lose everything I own. I have a friend with a spare room and places for me to store my things.

I just have to keep moving forward.