Questioning The Job Hunting How-To’s

Published February 7, 2016 by mindfulofchatter

It is Super Bowl Sunday and here I sit completely uninterested in football. To be fair, I lost interest in football years ago when the new rules came in and pretty much ruined the game. But That has little to do with how things are going today.

I am still unemployed, still looking, still feeling both good and awful about the entire situation. I applied for unemployment benefits and was told apply for my week of benefits after February 6th. But when I trudged off to find wi-fi to do so, the website told me I could not do that. I had to restarted my benefits. I already restarted my benefits. The telephone call telling me to claim benefits told me it was so. Now I will have to spend time tomorrow finding out what when wrong (it’s the government, so I can only imagine the snafu that has ensued).

In the meantime, I will continue to ponder how I am supposed to spend 40 hours a week looking for employment. How does one spend forty hours a week looking for a job? I look at several different job listing sites everyday. I send resumes to anything that looks remotely promising. This does not take eight hours to accomplish. I even look at states I think I could live in.

But looking at other states raises an entirely new set of questions. I am not in the league and job that will relocate you on their dime. So how do you secure a job in another state and then manage to move there? I have found a state and city I think I’d like to give a try. The housing costs are reasonable to the wages being paid, well wages advertised, I have visited the city in the past and rather liked. It is close a couple of my very favorites historical places. But how can someone with no friends in the area and no extra money make a move, find a job and a place to live?

My life is not a movie. I can not fit my life into one tiny suitcase, hop a bus, and arrive in a new town, then score a job and an apartment the same day I arrive. Probably because I am not hiding some secret or running from a horrible spousal unit. I believe you must have one of those things going on to make a new life in 24 hours. Oh, you must be in your early 20’s. Apparently, older people never have those sort of issues. Thank goodness Hollywood keeps it real.

So here I sit in a coffee house, drinking tea I can’t afford buy because I needed the use of wi-fi (the library is closed today). If I hadn’t needed to work on my unemployment, I would have stayed home.

As long as I here, I will look over the job listings again. I may have missed something. I will look up information of different subjects, and look into some new places to live. I have decisions to make. To make them, I need to be better informed.

Wish me luck!



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