Foul Ball!

Published January 18, 2016 by mindfulofchatter

After getting pelted with curve balls, I was promised a sit down meeting at a table with my supervisors to discuss what had happened. I knew they would wait until the end of the day to make their point that they were in control and I was not.


While they made me wait, I worked on things to move my life forward. I was not raised to be stupid. The fact is, my father made sure his daughters understood how things worked so we could manage on our own. While that often makes relationships difficult, it does make life easier overall. I knew darned well they were going blah, blah, blah me into unemployment. After all, how dare I stand for myself and refuse to put other people in danger by driving a large, top heavy vehicle in bad weather (this is a twelve passenger bus, just under CDL requirements) while under emotional duress.

What they did do was call and fire me over the telephone, citing that I should have simply taken a deep breath and done as asked. After all, they had been put in a similar situation and they never refused their bosses. And this was said after stating that they knew it was a huge, emotional blow, and they were afraid I would react in this manner. It is nice to know that I didn’t feel as emotionally slaughtered as I did. I’m glad they pointed that out to me. I feel so much better now.

So why wasn’t I told the three days beforehand and given a chance to internalize the news? And when did using text messages and phone calls become professional responses to any employer/employee situation? Why wasn’t I given my promised face to face meeting? A lot of what happened could have been avoided with a little common sense.

The funny thing about this situation is I am not really upset or overly worried. Which is kinda weird since I will be broke in about the end of next month, if not sooner.

What I am is rather happy to be able pursue my own thing. I have made steps towards doing just that. I do have to spend a little money to reach that goal, but it will be worth it. I will probably need another job, but that will come.

It’s nice, for once, to not feel worried.



2 comments on “Foul Ball!

  • First off, I still love and enjoy your blog. I’m glad you are still writing regularly here. Second, your Halloween costume turned out fabulously and I especially adored the shoes. You’re truly so creative. Third, Ugh! I am so sorry to hear about your relationship, your job, and having to (again) move. I’m hoping (from way far away these days) that things will smooth out for you. You are an inspiration and so talented. I hope you are able to make your own business happen. That sounds exciting. Hang in there. There are better days ahead.

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