New Year, New Me

Published January 5, 2016 by mindfulofchatter


new me

It’s a new year and I am hoping for a new me. The me I am right now is someone I do not like so well. She is too negative and often complains about too many things that she can not control. Who wants to hang around with her? I certainly don’t.

So it is time to re-evaluate life and things I would like to be in it.

I have found that I do not care much for my job. It is in a difficult industry. One must have a lot of patience and not mind being yelled for pretty much everything. It matters not if it is your job to fix it or not, nor even if is in your power to do anything about it at all (think things like newspaper delivery). You are there to listen to it all. I find it wearing. It is making me be a person I do not like. I am grumpy at home and have little patience for things going wrong, even a little bit. So it time to re-think things.

I have an idea of what I ‘d like to do. It will take time to set it up and get it going. I’m not going to be self-employed anytime soon (unfortunately). A friend of mine put in touch with a gal who does this for a living. She has been sent from heaven. She has shared every thing about how to do this from how she started to what she charges. I am amazed at the information she gave me. She has been so kind and warm to me I am almost speechless. She has invited me to meet her if I am ever in her area. You bet your boots I will look her up if I am ever there, or even near there.

In the meantime, I need to address my current employment situation. I need to find something I like better and that pays better. I currently make a tiny schooch above minimum wage.  I have never this type of work for so little before. So a new job is in order.

For now, I live without internet at home. I have TV via antenna only (my only real channel wish is BBC). My grocery shopping includes very few, if any, treats. I have to be very careful where my money goes so all of my bills can be paid on time. At least I do not drink coffee and crave a $5 cup of some fancy blend (I often wonder how people can afford that everyday).

I close to getting back to sewing. While I can’t access my online video class very often,  I can still read the handouts and work from there. Sewing again will help ease the day-to-day unhappiness and stress.

I found a yoga class, but I can’t afford the fees. So I will have to make due with what I remember from before, and make time to meditate. My body will be sore for a while, but it will be happier in the long run.

Yup. It’s time to shed the old skin and break out in a new one.


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