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A Place To Call Home

Published December 28, 2015 by mindfulofchatter

I have been away and unable to update my current status.

Because I have found a place to call home.

It happened so fast I am still spinning after two weeks. It was one of those ‘meant to be’ situations. One of those time I fell into a place without a lot of drama. I am amazed.

I mentioned to co-workers weeks ago I needed a place to live. I told them I did not have much of a budget and dogs. The two things that make finding a decent rental tough enough in a good market, and almost impossible in the current rental market. I had been scouring the paper and Craigslist everyday. I had been driving around looking for ‘For Rent’ signs on my days off. I was getting nowhere and depressed.

Sitting at work a couple of weeks ago, I decided to make a quick check of the daily paper’s rentals. I figured my boss knew I was looking and wouldn’t mind (she also had a heads up on the situation). I saw there were new ads and scrolled down.

And  there it was. An ad for a one bedroom duplex in my price range. It didn’t mention pets, so I held out a little hope. I immediately rang the number and made arrangements to see the place after work. I did not mention pets. I have found that if I make contact and a connection, things like pets come easier.

I told my boss what I had found and she immediately asked me if I needed to go early. She knows how competitive the market is and didn’t want me to miss out. I was fine with the appointment I had made, and let her know all was well. Fingers and toes were crossed by all.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. Lower end rentals are often a step above a dump, if one is lucky. Many rentals in the current market include nothing (water, sewer garbage, etc.) making even a cheap place not so cheap in the end. On top of that, the tenant is expected to keep up the lawns and landscaping. It seems landlords think we all make far more money than the average income for this area. All I could do was see the place and ask questions.

I met the property manager at the appointed time. She is a very kind woman and takes tries fit tenants to the places she manages. We chatted a bit as she opened the door and we stepped inside.

I was unprepared for what I saw.

It is small, but very clean. The bathroom has newer fixtures and a walk in shower. The paint is new and clean. The carpets are fresh and clean. The linoleum is clean and looks newer. The bedroom has a walk in closet. There are storage cupboards. I swear my mouth hung open as I looked around.

We chatted a bit more. I found that the water, sewer and garbage are all included. I am responsible for cable, internet and electric. I broached the subject of my dogs. She was hesitant (because they are considered big dogs), but said she would talk to the owners. Fair enough.

The was a Wednesday. I paid for background check on Thursday, and was approved that same day. I got my keys on Monday and began to move that same day. It was a whirlwind. The owners took a chance on me and my dogs, and charged me an amazingly fair pet deposit. I could not believe it. I will not let these kind people down.

I am still moving things and unpacking. I am having to go from a sewing room to a sewing wall. Making things work is not always easy, but I am getting there. There is little left to move and I think I have figured out how to make it all fit and work. Money will be tight for a while (thank you car payment), but I can do this. I don’t have internet, so updates may be few and far between for a while. Once I get small smaller bills paid off, I ought to be able to squeeze in internet service. Until then, it’s a luxury I can’t afford. My digital TV antenna gives me most of the channels I watch. So while I may miss a few programs, I’ll survive. It’s only TV.

I am thankful for everyone who made this happen. I could not have done this without the help I received from friends and co-workers. They are few, but steady. I am grateful for them.

Now it is my turn to step into a new world. I hope I am ready.



Finding A Place To Live

Published December 9, 2015 by mindfulofchatter



There are those people, you know the ones I mean, the ones that fall into places to live with little or no effort put to looking. They are offered the perfect place, or they drive by and look at an empty house only to have the owner pop out and offer to rent it to them. Or a friend of friend gets them a 7 year house sitting deal (Yes, that one really did happen. Only he got the place for 8 -10 years rent free. I’d hate him, but he is super nice guy.)

I am not one of those people.

Knowing that things weren’t going well, I have been looking for a place for about a month now. There are places to rent all over. But not a one in the price range I can even begin to afford. Let’s not even begin to discuss the pet situation and the outrageous fees being charged by landlords to have a 10 lb dog. Before you begin to leave pet related comments, let me say I have a reference for my dogs. Well, and for myself. It would be awkward if the dogs had a stellar reference and I did not.

I posted a note on my Facebook page about needing a place to live. So far the only response came from a childhood friend. She is an awesome person to extend to me a place if I need one. No. She is an awesome person. Period.

Of course the fact that I have a handful of friends on Facebook, and that most do not live anywhere near me, impedes any help coming from that arena. So I keep looking.

I don’t know how to find a place in such a ridiculous rental market. The rents are nowhere near the income for this area. It is a shame to have a full-time job and not be able to afford a simple one bedroom apartment or house. I’d even take a large studio.

Things are difficult where I am. Sleep and calm are hard-won items.

I need to move forward.


A Time To Renew?

Published December 6, 2015 by mindfulofchatter



There comes a time when the unexpected happens. When life decides you have had it too easy and adds a twist or two.

My relationship with Luke has come to a close. There was nothing earth shattering to bring it to a close. We just do not see eye to eye on a lot of things. It is not longer working as a relationship.

There is problem or two. The rental market where I live has gone berserk. They are charging outrageous rents for tiny places with little to nothing included with the rent. Many places do not allow pets, or over charge for having them. While I understand not all pet owners are responsible humans, I do have a reference from a former landlord for both myself and my pets. No that any landlords here care about that.

The other issue that goes hand in hand with the rental market is my less than stellar paycheck. I do bring in very much a month. Add to that a car payment and I am left feeling rather screwed over. Yes, I would gladly sell my car and get a runner! But I cannot sell it for what I owe AND buy another car.

This leaves me living in situation I do not want to live in.

The most recent event was a blindsiding like no other I have experienced. Because of the people involved, I will not go into details. But it was heart-wrenching and unbelievable. I am devastated in more ways than one.

I am exhausted – both physically and emotionally. I do not know how to find my way back. Tomorrow I have paste on a happy face and go to work.

I am not sure I can manage that.