The First and Second Hurdles

Published October 13, 2015 by mindfulofchatter

I am already having ‘issues’ with my choice of Halloween costume. I ordered a wig from Amazon. It is a cheap costume wig, nothing fantastic. But the wrinkle came when the tracking number showed it as delivered and I had no wig. Not even an opened box on the porch to show it had been there at one time. The porch and surrounding area were searched in vain.

I have had issues with the post office in the past. This is the third package that has gone missing. The others were eventually found or delivered later. I have rang the postmaster several times and gotten a long list of excuses as to why my mail is not delivered, the box is left hanging open and things the should have been delivered to house shoved into the box instead. The situation with the carriers and the postmaster here is deplorable. And now I have yet another problem with both.

I dutifully filled out the online complaint form including the tracking number, and waited for a response. In the meantime, the package made itself known. It had been delivered to the storage cabin at the front of the property. The RV tenant kindly brought it to the house. Once again the postal carrier isn’t doing their job properly. The postmaster and I will have yet another conversation. That is if he answers his phone.

Wig was a little squished from the factory. They make them and shove them into flat, square packages that are not curl friendly. A little online research told me how to fix the wig. After a couple false starts, I got it looking nice.

Marie Wig

I am very happy with the outcome. Believe it or not, this wig is light and easy to wear. That tall top is hollow and breaths. I won’t roast while wearing it. This is a very good thing.

The next little issue was the fabric. Because it is a one way pattern, and the skirts are very full, I did not have enough fabric. While this is sad news, it also means that original, busy, wavy striped fabric will became a bustle gown at some point. Good for the bustle gown, bad for the 18th century gown.

After spending my entire morning driving to all the local fabric stores, I settled on this damask print:

Damask Fabric

The background is actually white shot with silver gray and the print is a brilliant royal blue. It is cotton and not silk, but this is a costume for Halloween and I do not have a silk budget.  The photo looks a bit yellow from the lighting. I’ll try to get a better shot next time.

I found this at my local Wal Mart. Not only is it eye catching and bold, but it was very inexpensive. The 100% cotton fabric was $3.97 a yard. Just about right for a Halloween costume. I am going for a historic-ish look, not fully historically correct. The zip in the back tells that tale all on its own.

As I laid out the pattern pieces, I remembered that I needed to ‘match’ the pattern side to side. thankfully I remembered this before cutting anything out. The pattern and fabric make it easy to do that. When I am finished, everything ought to line up.

Let’s cross our fingers.


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