All Hallows Eve Approaches

Published October 5, 2015 by mindfulofchatter

pannier dress


Now that I have my Bonnet completed, I can turn my mind to a new project. Halloween is coming up and I am encouraged to dress up for work, because I work the weekends on will be there on Halloween – yay me.

I work at a retirement community, so there are guidelines for costumes. No masks, no heavy make-up, nothing too scary, and I must be able to perform my job duties. Let’s go ahead and just suck the fun out of Halloween, shall we? But I understand the whys, so while I cannot do what I may want to do, at least I can still dress up and have a bit of fun.

My lovely sister, of Threading Through Time fame (no really, if you sew, go read her blog), gave me a pile of fabric she did not want. She thought the colours were no-so-1970’s, as she put it, and was disappointed when the fabric arrived. It is a busy print in wavy lines with flowers in dusty blues and pinks. I immediately saw a bustle dress. All that busy, wavy print would look fabulous morphed into a bustle gown.

Then came October and the encouragement from my workplace to dress up. Hmmmm…

After some consideration, and more stupid ideas on my part, I settled on Marie Antoinette. That busy fabric will look nice with the panniers and a fancy-ish under skirt.

I have not made an 18th century dress before. Thankfully, this is not meant to be period correct. I choose the Simplicity costume pattern that even comes with the pattern for the panniers. It has a zipper (cringe), but I can hide the zipper if I need to.

I have ordered a wig and plan to find some close-enough-for-a-costume pumps to remake into 18th century looking shoes (thank you Mod Podge). And no, it is not going look like the photo. That is a real 18th century gown. I’m not ready for that quite yet.

Stay tuned for the agony.


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