My Romantic Era Bonnet Is Complete!!

Published September 28, 2015 by mindfulofchatter

I actually finished it a week or so ago, but life took a turn and time became a new and different thing to manage. But It is finished and I am quite proud of it.

My ‘normal’ era to sew for is the 1870’s. I adore the big bustle era, so I make gowns and accessories for that era. This bonnet is 1830’s, also called the Romantic Era. The 1830’s boasted these enormous bonnets, rather odd hair styles and dress with gigantic sleeve puffs around the elbows.


For me this a lot of fashion don’ts all piled into one gown. It is not my favourite era. I know some folks out there adore it to no end. It just isn’t my own cup o’ tea. I took on the challenge to make this bonnet for a number of previously stated reasons. While I still am not a fan of bonnets, I am very proud of the work I put into this bonnet and finished product.


BonnetRightSideIt has garnered lovely comments from the Historical Sew Fortnightly people who have a lot more experience than I have at making these things. Small things I thought may be wrong for the era were deemed correct (yay!). I spent 3 hours (yes, hours!) pleating the interior. For all the naughty words and starting over, I am glad I spent that time. It came out lovely. I received many comments on how nice the interior looked.

BonnetFrontI learned a lot while making this. It challenged my millinery skills (such as they are) just enough to learn without getting overly frustrated. If I were asked to make a bonnet for someone, I would do it. As long I do not have to wear it, I will enjoy the making.

Now, should I keep it, or put it up for sale?


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