The Sewing Challenge

Published September 7, 2015 by mindfulofchatter

Green bonnet

My new hobby is already in swing. As I said before, it is a historical sewing challenge. There one challenge every month. The due date is the last day of the month. There are no rules for when you may begin a challenge as the challenges for the entire year can be found on The Dreamstress blog site. As I also said – I am late to the party.

September’s challenge is  ‘Brown”. I may make anything that is brown, or a brown pattern, up to the WWII era. So yes, I can make something in the Viking era if I want to. But I am not. I am making an 1830’s style bonnet.

This puzzled my sister to no end. She even tried to steer me into making something else, like a Regency turban. She questioned my choice of a bonnet for the several reasons:

I am not a fan of brown for clothing.

I am not a Regency or Romantic era fan (love Austen, dislike the ladies fashion).

I pretty much detest bonnets (a large part of ladies fashion for the eras).

I will never wear it (because I pretty much detest bonnets).

As you can see, she has a point or three. Why on earth would I choose to make something I am not going to wear and don’t really like? I asked myself these same questions several times before actually settling on a bonnet. My answer to Sis and myself is:

I have a bonnet pattern (it is part of a multi-hat pattern).

I kinda know how to work with buckram (a hat making fabric).

Since I already am not a fan of brown or bonnets, not wearing it isn’t going bother me.

I want to stretch my fledgling millinery skills.

So a bonnet it is! I found a lovely chocolate-brown cotton (silk is not in my budget) and a pale pink for the interior lining and accents. I have my buckram, the pattern and my millinery book. The rest will fall into place as I go. At some point I will get ideas about trims and decide how I want to trim it out. I have been spending time looking at real bonnets (not reproductions) to get the feel for the era I am tackling. I am thankful so many museums and auction houses post their collections online.

The is will be challenge in more ways than one. I am making something I have never made before. I am making something out of my era of choice (1870’s). I am also making something I am not fond of.

I hope I am up to the challenge.




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