It’s Not About A Flag. It’s About History

Published July 11, 2015 by mindfulofchatter

I try to stay away from political stuff with this blog. This is meant to be for fun, to blow off steam and for more light-hearted subjects.

But now the situation with the Confederate flag is spinning out of control. People have gone into correctness overdrive and taking things too far. Our history is in trouble. It is being re-written by a knee-jerk reaction and political correctness taken to a colossal level of stupidity.

Which flag is are we banning? You do know there are several Confederate flags, don’t you. No? Maybe you ought to go do some research.


Yes, I do know the flag in question is the Southern Cross, or Battle Jack. I agree with removing the Battle Jack from government buildings. But that’s where it needs to stop. Digging up Confederate soldiers and removing Confederate monuments is going too far. There was a Federal act in 1958 recognizing Confederate soldiers as war veterans. Yeah, a FEDERAL act. These soldiers fought for what they believed in, and it was not all about slavery. Go read a book or five before you whinge about it being all about slavery.

And now Wal Mart is refusing to allow class rings that were ordered with the Southern Cross on them to be picked up. Who the hell are you, Wal Mart, to hold an order that is paid for? There is also a rumour that a Wal Mart asked customers wearing shirts with the Southern Cross on them to leave their store. Are you freakin’ kidding me? When did Wal Mart become this nation’s political and social conscience?

Banning a part of our history is wrong. Wrong ,wrong, wrong. I am not from the south, and I still strongly believe this is wrong. People are trying to re-write and remove part of our history because someone who has thin skin and hollered ‘I am offended!’ as loudly as possible. Someone who didn’t fight in the Civil War. Someone who never a slave. Someone who never read history.

Shut up. War tells you who is left. Not who is right.

The Civil War was a sad part of our history. Slavery was a sad part of our history. But we can not remove that history, no matter how much we’d like to. Banning a flag, digging up bodies, and removing monuments are insults to the men and women who gave their lives in that war.

The next little movement is banning the Fleur-dis-lis flags in Louisiana. Those who are hollering about it say it has to do with slavery. I suppose it never occurred to them that Louisiana was largely FRENCH way back then.

I suppose next we will have remove all the railroads. After all, the Chinese who built most of them were horribly abused and en-slaved.


4 comments on “It’s Not About A Flag. It’s About History

  • I completely agree, but the more I say it – the more it falls on deaf ears! Everyone has to be so politically correct these days and bend to every outburst – we will soon be a silent nation!

  • i agree with both of you,i served my country and am not ashamed to say our government is slowly taking away our freedoms and freedom of choice.its so sad it makes me angry.

    • We cannot move forward if our nation continues to bow to every outburst of ‘I’m offended – fix it for me!’ It is sad we have come to this. This country was founded because the early Americans saw their rights being taken away. We are slowly becoming what we fought so hard to be free of.

  • I am not from the south or the north, I am not even American. But I agree whole heartedly with your comments. After 16 years in the Airborne I have fought in many parts of the world, (and lost comrads doing it ), but I don,t hate any of them. Do what the others have said……
    Get Over It

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