The Bullshit Factor

Published May 13, 2015 by mindfulofchatter


A long while back, I decided I was done with the BS in my life. I know there is some bull pucky I have to put with, but I decided enough was enough. It was time to shovel out the paddock.

We all have friends who not really friends. You know the ones I mean. The ones who greet you with air kisses, ask how you are doing only to interrupt you to tell you about their problems. They tell you they will help, only disappear when needed. They will talk behind your back and, on occasion, stab you there as well.

I cut ties to the fake friends, the toxic friends and the friends who pop up only when they need something. I am sure I have fallen into the fake friend category a time or two. I think we all do at some point, whether we know it or not. I know I am awful at keeping in touch via mail of any sort.

Today at work I was faced with a pile of BS. Once again we were yelled at get logged on. We were scheduled to begin at 7 am, but the phones open at 7am. There was a huge rush to get logged on before the phones went live. So why weren’t we scheduled to come in at, say, 6:45am? At lot stress could have been avoided right there. Next, I have been told I have a 15 minute break. So I have taken a 15 minute break. I set the timer on my phone so I do not go over the allowed time. But today I was told two things that fell squarely into the BS column.

1) I have a 10 minute break. The 5 minutes are an ‘extra’ the company gives me to get back to my desk and log in. Even though all the employees are told the break is 15 minutes.

2) If I put my phone on ‘break’ and use the bathroom, that time is comes off my next 15, I mean 10, minute break.

When I talked to my supervisor about this, he pointed to the Boli laws that say all adult employees are to get a 10 minute break for so many hours of work. I pointed out that the company says I have a 15 minute break, and that has nothing to do with the Boli laws. He then explained the extra 5 minutes was for logging back in, not really a part of the break. Okay, then I ought to be told I have a 10 minute break with a 5 minute window to get back and logged in, not that I have a 15 minute break. Oh, and this goes for my lunch break as well. I am supposed to cut my lunch break short for the same reason. I am not ‘good’ with that.

He also pointed out that I had used 3 minutes (three whole minutes!!!) to use the loo. Then he explained how I have to take that 3 minutes off my next scheduled break. He noticed I was not ‘good’ with that either. And proceeded to explain the Boli laws again. My state laws say all employees are to have reasonable bathroom breaks. It does not say they are a part of my scheduled Boli break. So no, I am not ‘good’ with being told peeing at an unscheduled break comes off my next break time. Unless, of course, I am living in the loo all day.

I will give him credit, though. I had him and another supervisor talking with me. And they did actually talk with me, and not at me. They wanted know the things that were bothering me, and how the company may fix them. Notes were made. I have no idea if the notes will be taken into consideration or placed lovingly in the round bin, but the notes were made. I can only hope something good comes of them.

The final BS straw was flung as we neared the end of this little session. I was asked how I was feeling. Did I want to go back on the phones, or did I want to quit. I stated I wasn’t sure right then and there. I was upset and angry, and wanting to calm down. It was then I was told I had to go back on the phones right then, or quit.

That was the pile of BS that did it. I quit.

So now I have a little less BS in my life. In some ways it is a shame. I enjoyed the actual job part fairly well, but the BS pile was just growing too high for my waders. While I am back to unemployed, I feel I will be alright this time around.

Life is a lot cooler without the rubber boots.


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