The Unemployment Circus Continues

Published March 8, 2015 by mindfulofchatter

As of March 9th, I will have been unemployed for one entire month. I still have not seen one penny of unemployment benefits. Nor have I seen any letter letting me know if I will even receive any benefits!

I did receive a telephone call from someone in the unemployment office. A message was left telling I HAD to return the phone call no later than March 9th or they would make a decision based on the information they already had. This call came to my phone at 5:06 pm, Thursday night. Yeah, after working hours. I returned the phone call the very next morning at 8: 05 am, and left a message (as directed). I have heard nothing back. Now I am faced with deciding to ring again (though the voice mail at the other end specifically says not to leave more than one message), or letting it ride since I did my part. What to do?

I am still jumping through all the hoops and claiming my ‘week of benefits’ online every Sunday. I am also now getting letters saying they can not pay benefits for week such and such because my case is under review. Yet, again, I have no clue was is going on because there is no communication to me regarding my case. Let’s hear for state government!!

I have applied for so many jobs, my head hurts. I am in the age range where no ones wants to hire me because I am ‘old’, yet those same people complain about hiring the young ones who don’t give a flying fart. I hear of so many twenty-somethings who simply abandon their jobs. Yet, those employers are hesitant to hire us ‘older’ people who actually have a work ethic. And let’s not forget experience.

I am not in any danger of losing my home, car or phone at this point. I am one of the lucky ones. I have a simply marvelous S.O.. He has been working a lot lately, and more jobs are coming his way (he is self-employed). Not only does he not complain about my unemployed status, but he makes sure I have what I need to pay my bills, plus some pocket-money. Wow! And no, you can’t have him.

I will continue to look for a job. I will continue to jump through all the required hoops until I am told I don’t qualify for benefits. At some point I will find some sort of job. Or my little crafty stuff will finally take off enough that that will be my job.

But, in the meantime, I sure am sick and tired of being jerked around.


One comment on “The Unemployment Circus Continues

  • I ache for you. Call them again and again and again. That is the ONLY way you will find out what is going on. Call them first thing on a Tuesday morning and have lots of batteries, a good book, and a nice cool drink and wait it out. Been there, done it, and it is the only way to get anything accomplished.

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