When You Just Can’t Keep Your Dog

Published February 17, 2015 by mindfulofchatter


It happens. You can’t keep your dog any longer. Sometimes an owner dies and family members want nothing to do with the pet that is left behind. You get a dog, but you completely unprepared for what it take to have a dog. Guess what? Dogs do not train themselves. You have to actually put in some effort to have the perfect dog.

I have a perfect dog. She is a dog blob for the most part (this means she is more than happy to be a couch potato). She sits, stays, heels, does not jump up on people, all those nice qualities we like see in our dogs. She is easy to handle. She is a very well-mannered dog. But she did not come this way. I worked with her everyday. I touched her ears, teeth, feet and rubbed her body all over everyday while she was a puppy. I put in the work to have a nice dog.

I have also moved a number of times with my dogs. Yes, I said dogs. I have almost always had multiple dogs. It can be done with patience, and having a well-mannered dog (or dogs) makes it even easier. I also took great pains to be sure my rental was always clean and well-kept. My last apartment manager came up for the move out inspection and was amazed I had a dog. It can be done.

But people are often unprepared to have any kind of pet. They get a dog and find out it isn’t working in their lifestyle. They get a breed that doesn’t suit them. Or sometimes it is simply a personality clash. It happens.

My S.O. and I recently adopted a Jack Russell Terrorist. I have had a Jack before. I KNEW what I was getting into. He came to us as a foster dog and immediately became a family member. It is called foster fail, even though everyone wins.

Our lovely little man came with some issues. His former owners loved him, but could not handle him. They saw him when he was ten months old and cute as snot, and adopted him without doing any breed research. I give them credit. They tried. I also give them credit for turning to a rescue to re-home him. He came to a safe place.

And this what all this post is about. I don’t care why you can’t keep your dog. But do not post him on Craigslist or some other freebie ad place. It is dangerous for your dog. You have no idea who is taking him. Some many dogs are killed or abused by going to an unknown home.

Call the breed rescue. They will try to get the dog in foster care. They will keep him safe. They will carefully screen anyone interested in adopting him. Most rescues will even take mixed breeds. If you have Jack Russell mix, most rescues will still take him.

If you can’t keep your dog, make that decision as early as you can. Take the time to screen potential homes. Ask for a re-homing fee. It doesn’t have to be a huge fee. A re-homing fee helps ensure that the people coming for your dog actually want a dog. They are willing to pay for the privilege of having one.

TAKE THE TIME TO ENSURE YOUR PET IS GOING TO SAFE HOME. You made a commitment to having a pet, and it fell through. You owe your pet the time it takes to properly re-home him.

Pets are a commitment. They will not train themselves. They need exercise, food, and medical care. They are not disposable items for entertainment. Don’t get a pet of any kind if you are not willing to do the research and spend the time, both physically and emotionally. Do breed research BEFORE you get a pet.

And keep him safe. Even if you can’t be there for him any longer.


3 comments on “When You Just Can’t Keep Your Dog

  • Perfect. Can you post the link for this on our group page on Facebook ? It’s great. You need to send it in to your local paper also – this needs to be read by other than the choir.

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