Getting Let Go With No Grace

Published February 14, 2015 by mindfulofchatter


I am once again unemployed. I was released from my once beloved job on Monday.

When I began this job just shy of two years ago, I thought it was going to be an opportunity to grow my skills and help grow a small business. I was promised things on the first interview. I was told of a vision for a growing small business.

Neither the promises nor the growth came to be.

This is an embroidery business. To put embroidery onto your shirt, jacket, sweater, hat, or whatever, the design needs to be digitized. This turns the design into something the embroidery machines can read. Once the machines can read it, they reproduce it onto your garment. I was promised I would be taught to digitize. This never came to be. Oh, I was shown every 3 – 6 months how to click right or left for curved or straight lines, but this is not teaching anyone how to digitize. One promise down.

Next up – sales. I was to earn a commission on all new sales I brought in, plus commission on re-orders from those sales. The catch was there was no commission on digitizing, and other little details of the orders. So a $600 sale netted me about $40 in commission. Honestly, without my sale, there would be NOTHING TO DIGITIZE. Can we say cheap?

I was also let down on sale follow ups and other little things. But little things add up, and after a while I had had enough. Why bother to go sell when I don’t make anything from the sale, and there is no follow-up from the owner. I lost sales because of the lack of follow-up. Add to this the sudden discontinuation of my commission on re-orders. I am not longer a happy camper.

I attended two weekly meeting for this business. I didn’t know it was required by my state to be paid for them, so I went and spend over 3 hours a week for work without pay. And one wonders why I didn’t want to go any longer.

My paid hours didn’t increase. I was still working part-time and trying to live on what I made. I did this because of what I was promised when I started this job. But I was failing to make ends meet every month. I had very few bills, the cheapest apartment in town, no credit cards and no cable T.V.. And I still could not make ends meet. I don’t know about you, but this gets old very quickly.

Business policies came and went like the wind. One day we did this, the next we did that. Yes, we will take apparel supplied by the customer. Wait. No,  we don’t. Wait. Yes, we do. Oh just a sec. No, we don’t. But we did. Even though it was posted in the shop that we did not take customer supplied apparel. I gave up trying to keep policies straight.

And then the death knell came.

The business owner became an area director of a business networking organization (one of whose weekly meetings I attended).

The focus switched from the business to the networking organization. Things slipped at the business. The attention to detail became fuzzy. I caught several mistakes the owner made on orders. The work that went out the door was sub-par. I saw it. I think others saw, as well. But the owner did not. And still doesn’t.

I was left in charge of the business more and more often as the owner went to meetings for this organization. A vacation was spend overseas, and I ran the business for a month all on my own. Since I was never taught to digitize, I was set up with someone who did it for a living. Things were taken care of, maybe not perfectly, but taken care of. After all, I am not the owner and can’t make the deals an owner can.

When the owner returned from vacation, I sat with them and told them that I did not make enough money. I needed a raise of some sort. I outlined the promises made, and the why I had taken the job and stayed on.

I got the blank stare. I got blamed for moving (I moved in with my S.O). Somehow, not making enough money was my fault. Not the part-time hours. Not the days of no work. Somehow, it was all turned on to me.

We limped forward. Nothing was the same between us. It was time to move on.

Then on Monday, I reported for work as usual. The owner was out of town again. I had always watched the shop on these occasions, but I pulled up and the new sales gal was there. When asked point blank what is going on, she lied (the poor girl ought not lie, she sucks at it). There was no work (again). The owner then texts the new girl to have her tell me there is no work. Professionalism at its finest.

After I return home, I get a voice mail from the owner. The owner let me go via voice mail. Okay, so now that is professionalism at its finest. Who the heck lets employees go via voice mail?? It is stated in said voice mail (which I saved, just in case) that I should return my set of keys and pick up my final check. Okay, Roger that.

I showed up at the appointed time, keys in hand. The owner was no place to be found. The new girl had been left to take care of it. I could not believe it. I have never worked for a person so afraid to do their own dirty work. It is appalling to leave not only an employee to do this, but a new employee to boot (there is only one employee. Well, now there is only one employee).

Oh. My. Gosh.

So I am free to find a better employer. In the meantime, I am honing my crafting skills. I have learned how to make real mini top hats (Real hats. No cardboard, no craft foam.) I will be all right. There will be a new job for me at some point.

And this time, I will be far more careful about who I work for.


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