The Ultimate Running Man – The Flash!

Published February 2, 2015 by mindfulofchatter


I am all caught up on Arrow. Now I am watching it week to week like everyone else. So now is the time to catch up on The Flash.

Barry Allen made his debut on The Arrow. When we first meet Barry, he just young man with no special powers trying to solve his mother’s murder. He came to Starling City to help with a murder investigation, meeting Felicity Smaok and Oliver Queen. He kinda has a crush on Felicity, and Felicity kinda has a crush back, but things in their respective lives are pretty chaotic for it really go anywhere. He does find out the Oliver Queen/Arrow connection, but keeps the secret

Barry is forensics tech who works with the local police. He ‘adopted’ father raised him after his mother was murdered and his father jailed for it. We see the night of his mother’s murder more than once as Barry remembers different details. He was about 8, and kept trying to tell people (the cops) that he saw a yellow streak with a man in it, in the room with his mother. No one believed him. In fact, they all still think it was a little boy’s mind trying to make sense of a horrific scenario. But Barry firmly believes what his eight year old eyes saw, and continues to search for the truth.

Star Labs in Central City has built a particle accelerator. It is a much anticipated night when they turn it on for the first time. But something goes wrong and it explodes. 17 people are killed (or are they??). Barry was supposed to be there, but ended up in his lab seeing the explosion through the window. We see the energy wave hurl outward towards Barry’s lab. Lightning lights up the night as Barry, curious about the energy wave, goes to open the skylight. A bolt of lightning shatters the skylight and hits Barry, flinging him backwards and rendering him unconscious.

Barry is in a coma for while. When he wakes up, he seems normal. We watch him discover his speed and how to handle it. He makes a few false stops and starts before figuring it out. He find he can heal very quickly (in hours). The head of Star Labs asks Barry of he can study him, citing Barry’s ability to speed heal being a medical breakthrough if they can harness it. Barry agrees, and so begins the team that helps The Flash be come The Flash.

It is a much lighter show than Arrow. Where Arrow is dark and much more gritty, The Flash is brighter and more light-hearted. I noticed Starling City, home of The Arrow, is much more dreary. Most of the scenes take place at night. And it rains. A lot. In contrast to the darkness of Starling City, Central City is bright and much sunnier. Most of the scenes are daytime scenes. That 600 miles makes a lot of difference!

I’m not going to say if you like The Flash you will like Arrow. While the two shows are connected, they very different. Oliver Queen is broody and has all but forgotten how to smile. Barry Allen is bright, happy and has a sense of humor. But give them both a shot. Keep in mind, as always, these are comic book based shows. Where else can you get thrown through a brick wall and just walk it off?

Go watch Barry Allen do his thing. It’s just plain fun.


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