Straight As An Arrow

Published January 18, 2015 by mindfulofchatter

I like finding new series on Netflix. Well, new to me series. This way I can watch a few episodes and just dump it if I don’t like it. There have been a few of those.

New to me is Arrow. Arrow is on the CW, and is based on DC Comic’s Green Arrow. This series is an updated version of the comic book, just as Sherlock is an updated version of Sherlock Holmes.

The bare bones of the storyline: billionaire playboy Oliver Queen spends five years on a remote island. He is thought to be dead, but returns to Starling City alive and well. His father, Robert Queen, died in the shipwreck that left Oliver stranded on the island.

As first it thought that Robert Queen died when their boat, The Queen’s Gambit, went down. It is also thought that Oliver was alone on the island for the entire 5 years. Now, right there I have a problem. Oliver would not have survived on his own. He was a spoiled, shallow rich kid who most likely had problems tying his own shoes. After all, that’s what servants for. That Oliver Queen would have been dead in week. But this is a comic book, so one suspends belief.

As the first season moves along we find out a great deal. Oliver was not alone, there were good guys and bad guys on that island. Oliver had help surviving. He was caught by the bad guys, tortured, rescued, caught again (Ollie wasn’t the brightest bulb on the tree), helped stopped a war, and learned a great deal about survival. As well as how to shoot a bow and arrow. We also learn the Robert Queen was a not-so-wonderful human. He tasks Oliver with surviving and going home to right his wrongs. He gives Oliver a book with a list of names in it, then shoots himself to ensure that Oliver has enough water and food to survive. Wow. Thanks, Dad. I have no clue how the button a shirt, let alone survive on a raft. And now I am totally freaked out by watching you kill yourself.

But Oliver does survive and returns to Starling City to much hubbub and celebrity. He becomes a vigilante, hunting down the people on the list his father gave him. He uses a bow and arrow, wearing a green hood and green grease paint around his eyes to hide his identity. Ahem *cough cough*. Grease paint and a hood are not the best at hiding who you are. Okay, okay. I’ll continue suspend belief.

The citizens are Starling City are some of the stupidest people I have ever seen. No, really. One of the main characters, Lauren Lance, is an attorney. Her apartment gets broken into. She is abducted from her apartment. Yet she still does not use the peephole when someone knocks on her door. So much for being a cop’s daughter.

In spite of the glitches and the tendency to over reach, I enjoy the show. It’s fun and sometimes clever. The Flash lives in the city not too far away (he made a pre-Flash appearance on Arrow). There have been inside jokes regarding him (I’ll take the train to Central City and be home in a flash).

As with all super heroes stepping onto the silver screen (both large and small), one has to suspend belief and be prepared for major stupidity on the part of other characters. I’ve lost count on how many people know Arrow’s true identity, but I’m sure the writers will come up some fantastic way to keep it a secret. I am into season 2, so no spoilers, please.

Just load it up, pop some corn and have a ball.


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