In Search of A Key Ring

Published September 2, 2014 by mindfulofchatter

key ring


You remember key rings, don’t you? We all had them. From little leather fobs to huge ‘look at my kid’ picture key rings, we all had key rings of some sort to hang our keys on. My kids gave me a big, blue, puffy heart key ring once. I still can’t believe I lost my keys on that thing. It was huge! But I did lose the entire ring, with my keys, and never did find it. Even when I moved and cleaned that house from one end to the other, no blue heart key ring came to light.

Now I have project car (see if you want on follow along on the car). She is a 1959 Rambler American Super, with the fancy, dancy Continental kit. She will be beautiful again one day. But she came with no keys, or so we thought. As we were spraying PB Blaster on, well everything, to loosen up long rusted screws and bolts, we also worked on the glove box. After a bit of coaxing, the glove box slid open! Yes, slid. It is a drawer type glove box. It slides in and out on a track like a drawer. Kinda cool.

Anyway, we slid the glove box open and found the original box liner is fairly good condition, an armrest and, you guessed it, keys! And the keys worked! The key for the boot and glove box slid into the locks and turned (the boot is still frozen shut, but the lock turns!). The ignition key slid into the switch and turned! I had keys to my car! Not only that, but the original keys! They are Briggs and Stratton keys, and very tiny next to todays huge car keys. So to keep them safe and sound, I thought a key ring would be a marvie idea.

I thought about what kind of key ring to get. A Rambler one? A big ‘N’ (for Natasha, the car’s name)? A big ‘Q’ (my initial)? Perhaps one that holds a photo and sticking a photo of Natasha (from Rocky and Bullwinkle) in it. Hmmmm………. I couldn’t decide, so I thought I’d go to the store and just look at key rings.

But apparently key rings are a thing of the past. Like rotary phones (Ask your parents. Or grandparents). Or dinosaurs. Not one store had key rings. Well, unless I was looking to root for my favorite college team (of which I have none). Even the auto parts store had a minuscule selection. Unless one had a Ford or Chevy, one was simply SOL.

I looked at the local stores that used to carry key rings; Wal Mart, Fred Meyer, Target. None of them had key rings any more. Oh sure, I can go on Ebay and find key rings for days, but I am not going to spend $17.95, plus shipping, for a leather fob with a Rambler ‘R’  emblem on it. I find that to be just silly.

So here I sit wondering where I can get a key ring. And wondering why I can’t find any in the real world. We still have keys. We still need something to put those keys on. Don’t we? Or am I truly getting to be that dinosaur I always joke about being.

Key rings. Who would have thought they would go out of style.


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