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Holiday Haze Is On It’s Way!

Published September 30, 2014 by mindfulofchatter



September is drawing to a close. October is already peeking out from behind September’s last page on the calendar. Soon the walnuts will begin to drop off the trees. Halloween is just around the corner. And I love Halloween. Well, actually I love any excuse to dress up. Halloween is grand because it means the chance to attend fancy dress parties, haunted houses and practice the art of FX make-up. Perhaps even attend a zombie walk or two.

The local Dollar Store is great place for Halloween goodies. They have loads of skull glasses and mugs, witchy hats, little zombies to haunt your little graveyards, twisted trees, trick or treat bags, treats, garlands, stockings, Santa faces, holly, ornaments……

Hey! Wait one cotton pickin’ minute! Santas? Holly? Stockings? That is CHRISTMAS stuff!! Whoa, whoa, whoa!!! Who started this grand idea? Christmas in September?? No. No, no, no, no, NO! September is ‘back to school’ month. September is the beginning of autumn. September is colder mornings and warm afternoons. September is NOT Christmas. It’s not even close to Christmas.

I hate this. The retail community keeps forcing Christmas on us earlier every year. This has got to worse if  you don’t even celebrate Christmas. It isn’t even October yet. We haven’t had Halloween, let alone Thanksgiving. Can we please have one frakin’ holiday at time? Huh? Can we try doing one at a time, instead of all at once?

I understand the craft and fabric stores putting out christmas fabrics and crafts. If you are making gifts, it takes time. But can we just leave the Christmas decorations in the boxes until it’s a wee bit closer to actual Christmas time? Here I am happily perusing the little gravestones, twisted trees, tiny zombies and mausoleums. I turn the corner and am smacked in the face with gaudy gold reindeer, stockings and all sorts of Santa items. Okay, it might help if I watched where I was going, but you get the picture. I don’t want Christmas slammed into my face months before the month of the actual holiday.

I also know that the months of endless Christmas carols is sneaking up quickly. It is in stealth mode, waiting pounce upon those of us innocently listening to the radio as we drive. ‘Raise Your Glass’ will suddenly be followed by ‘Jingle Bells’ (Can we please not over play ‘Jingle Bells’ this year? Pretty please? With sugar on top?) and we will find ourselves sucked into singing along. Again. And it won’t even be Thanksgiving yet. Maybe I ought to just put up the Christmas tree now and call it happy.

A local radio station here goes all Christmas Carols All The Time in December. This sounds pretty cool, if you like Christmas carols, but I swear they only have about 10 records. Okay, make it 15. They play the same versions of the same songs over and over and over again. How about this year you guys play some Sing Along With Mitch? You know, break out of the box and play something ‘new’.

I understand the world of retail. I really do. But this decking the halls months before the holiday is getting a bit old and worn. I like to shop for, and enjoy, my holidays one at a time. Let’s romp through Halloween before we hit Christmas. Let’s give thanks before we run out and deck the halls. Let’s slow down a step or two.

Let’s remember what the Season is all about. And let’s try to remember that little tidbit all year long.

In Search of A Key Ring

Published September 2, 2014 by mindfulofchatter

key ring


You remember key rings, don’t you? We all had them. From little leather fobs to huge ‘look at my kid’ picture key rings, we all had key rings of some sort to hang our keys on. My kids gave me a big, blue, puffy heart key ring once. I still can’t believe I lost my keys on that thing. It was huge! But I did lose the entire ring, with my keys, and never did find it. Even when I moved and cleaned that house from one end to the other, no blue heart key ring came to light.

Now I have project car (see if you want on follow along on the car). She is a 1959 Rambler American Super, with the fancy, dancy Continental kit. She will be beautiful again one day. But she came with no keys, or so we thought. As we were spraying PB Blaster on, well everything, to loosen up long rusted screws and bolts, we also worked on the glove box. After a bit of coaxing, the glove box slid open! Yes, slid. It is a drawer type glove box. It slides in and out on a track like a drawer. Kinda cool.

Anyway, we slid the glove box open and found the original box liner is fairly good condition, an armrest and, you guessed it, keys! And the keys worked! The key for the boot and glove box slid into the locks and turned (the boot is still frozen shut, but the lock turns!). The ignition key slid into the switch and turned! I had keys to my car! Not only that, but the original keys! They are Briggs and Stratton keys, and very tiny next to todays huge car keys. So to keep them safe and sound, I thought a key ring would be a marvie idea.

I thought about what kind of key ring to get. A Rambler one? A big ‘N’ (for Natasha, the car’s name)? A big ‘Q’ (my initial)? Perhaps one that holds a photo and sticking a photo of Natasha (from Rocky and Bullwinkle) in it. Hmmmm………. I couldn’t decide, so I thought I’d go to the store and just look at key rings.

But apparently key rings are a thing of the past. Like rotary phones (Ask your parents. Or grandparents). Or dinosaurs. Not one store had key rings. Well, unless I was looking to root for my favorite college team (of which I have none). Even the auto parts store had a minuscule selection. Unless one had a Ford or Chevy, one was simply SOL.

I looked at the local stores that used to carry key rings; Wal Mart, Fred Meyer, Target. None of them had key rings any more. Oh sure, I can go on Ebay and find key rings for days, but I am not going to spend $17.95, plus shipping, for a leather fob with a Rambler ‘R’  emblem on it. I find that to be just silly.

So here I sit wondering where I can get a key ring. And wondering why I can’t find any in the real world. We still have keys. We still need something to put those keys on. Don’t we? Or am I truly getting to be that dinosaur I always joke about being.

Key rings. Who would have thought they would go out of style.