And The Chatter Takes Over

Published May 20, 2014 by mindfulofchatter

Lately I seem to have an over flow of chatter going on. Maybe it’s because I now have commute to work and nothing to do but drive and watch other cars for 30 minutes twice a day. Or maybe it’s because people are just plain nuts.

The DJ’s on the radio are selling crap I don’t want to hear about. I could care less about Kanye and Kim’s wedding, but it would be tough seeing as I care, oh, zero about it now. I listened to one DJ complain about getting a ticket for texting and driving (which is illegal where I live). Really? You arrogant little *insert naughty word here*. You were breaking the law and got caught. Suck it up, take responsibly for your actions and pay your fine. Don’t sit on the air and make excuses why you shouldn’t have gotten a ticket. Were I his supervisor, he may have been fired that day for using the stations time to whinge about something he did that he knew was wrong.

It often seems like all the radio stations play the same song at the same time. And it’s always that one song I just hate. And no matter how many radio buttons I push, it’s still playing! ARGH! I think it a conspiracy  to drive me insane. Okay, okay. Insane is just a short mosey, but you get the idea.

And why is it people use the drive-thru at, say McDonald’s, when they have no clue what they want? It’s freakin’ Mickey Dees people! The menu hasn’t changed that much. Don’t use the drive thru and then ask 8 billion questions about the menu items. If you want to be The Pie Guy (see earlier post), take your hiney inside and stand at the counter. THAT is the place to ask every question you can think of about a hamburger, not the drive-thru. The rest of us don’t want to sit and breathe in your cars fumes for 20 minutes while you wrestle over the ‘fries or onion rings’ question. The same thing goes if you are ordering for 20 people. Go inside. The drive-thru was meant to be quick, and you are making it, well, not so quick.

I also love the people who thinks it super cool to stand in the middle of an aisle or entry door of a store to chat. Especially when they give you a dirty look for asking them to move over so you can get by. After all, they are the only people in the entire world using that store, and how dare the rest of us interrupt them by wanting to shop there on their day. I once asked (And I did it nicely) a group of 5 women clogging up an aisle to move over so I could get by. They all got pissed off. And mouthy. I then suggested to them if they wanted to have a coffee clatch, aisle 5 was not the place and perhaps they ought to move their large, rotund behinds to the coffee shop to chat. I instantly became personna non grata. Wow. Talk about touchy.

And there is the guy who wants to return an item. He has no receipt, of course. The box had been destroyed, or duct taped back together (yes, Red Green would be proud, but the rest of us are less impressed). And the item itself looks as if it has been used about a million times. The poor customer service clerk is trying to explain to him why he needs his receipt to no avail. And the guy keeps asking the same question over and over and over. ‘Well, why do I need the receipt. It’s broken and I want to return it’. Hmmmmm…..let me think. The box it ruined. The item is ruined. The store has no way to know when you bought it or if you even bought it at their store. This isn’t rocket science guy. You don’t get to use it until it breaks, then return it for your money back. Yeah, the store manager will have her hands full with this guy.

See? Now I feel SO much better. A few nagging chatters have been released to flourish on their own. Or perhaps die a slow and painful online death. I know not. But I do know that the chatter will continue, and one day I will post yet another lovely ‘why do people do this’ sort of post.

And you ,dear reader, will get to giggle along with me.





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