Drive. Just Drive.

Published May 11, 2014 by mindfulofchatter



Now that I live with Luke, I have a commute to work. Before My ‘commute’ was about 3 minutes. 5 on a busy morning. Now I have a 30 minute commute to my job. I don’t mind the drive. It is very pretty where I live. I get to see things like this every day:

Rogue River view

Yes, this an actual photo of some of what I see on my drive to and from work. Not so bad, is it?

What makes it bad is other drivers. You know who you are. Well, maybe you don’t. Most people think they can multi-task when, in fact, they suck at it or they juggle too many tasks at once. I was taught to drive by my father. My father was a rocket scientist. No, I am not kidding. He was an aerospace engineer who worked on the Apollo flights and several other NASA projects. For those of you who may want dicker the title rocker scientist, don’t bother. I know what my father did for a living and you do not.

Anyway, my Dad was as most engineers are. Precise. One of the things he told early on was ‘Driving is a full-time job’. This is true, even though we think we can do other things and drive at 70+ miles an hour. This is the lie we all tell ourselves. But stop think about the times you have been almost hit, or indeed hit, by another car. What was the driver doing? Talking the phone? Texting? Turned around yelling at…………….talking to their kids? In other words, most of the time the driver was NOT doing their job as a driver.

So to clear things up, here are some things you should not do while you are driving;

text, shave, pluck your eyebrows, trim your facial hair, text,  apply mascara, talk on the phone, change your top, get dressed, get un-dressed, text, turn around to talk to passengers, apply eyeshadow, read the paper, eat (especially with chopsticks), read a book, apply your blush, change your shoes, text, talk on the phone, bush your hair, curl your hair, remove rollers from your hair, tie your shoes, pleasure yourself, text, dance, throw your hands in the air (like you just don’t care), brush your teeth, floss your teeth, look for cavities, text, pop pimples, check moles, look for things on the floor, stare at your radio dial, play with ipod settings (or any other mp3 device), change the time on your phone or car, text, read stereo instructions, look for something in the backseat, look for something under your seat, fiddle endlessly with your sun visor, dig in your purse, dig in your wallet, text, read the menu for that new restaurant, talk on the phone, argue with your significant other (or kids), dig around in your glove box…………….

Most of the those things listed above are things I have actually seen people doing while driving. Really, I have. I used to have an hour commute. I was amazed at the things people were doing while zipping along at 70+ miles an hour. And I still see it today, though texting and talking on the phone are new additions. Driving is a full-time job. Period. Not matter how much you want think you can do other things and drive, you can’t do both and be safe. Think about it. Even with one other person in the car, and all you are doing is chatting, how often have you missed a turn, an exit or the address you were looking for because you were distracted by talking to your passenger.

So get up early enough to get dressed, shave, put on your make-up or whatever you need to do before you set out on your car. It isn’t that tough to do. Put the phone away or lock it in your glove box so your won’t be tempted. Eat breakfast at home. It has been done in the past, so you can manage it now. It won’t be as painful as you think it will be. It will, in fact, make your life less stressful and your mornings easier.

And you, along with the rest of us, will arrive at work (or school, or where ever) alive and in one piece.


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