Craigslist. Seriously, People. Get A Grip.

Published February 25, 2014 by mindfulofchatter


I often peruse Craigslist, or CL, in search of things I may need, want, and for general amusement. Since I am now in relationship, I no longer look at the personal ads. Thank goodness. But I do look the ‘merchandise’, such as it is. Now I have little to no issue with what is being sold. Just how it is being sold.

Seriously. You guys selling your crap, er…………, stuff need to get a grip.

1) Take a good photo. One in focus is preferred. And for crying out loud, rotate your blankity-blank photo so the item you are selling is upright, not sideways! We are not Emoticon Man. Our heads are not tilted over to one side. Oh, and if you are selling something like, let’s say a car, a photo of the whole car is super neat to see. Not just the hood and the boot with maybe a door thrown is for good measure. And you can e-mail me a photo, you certainly can put one in your ad.

2) ‘Shabby chic’ does NOT equal worth. I don’t give a rip how chic or shabby it maybe. The beat up little nightstand/side table doo-hickey isn’t magically worth $95 because you stuck the label ‘Shabby Chic’ on it.

3) If you paint the antique dresser/sideboard/chair/buffet/table (etc.) you have just ruined its worth as an antique. It is not longer worth $450. I’ll give you maybe $25 for it, because now I have strip all the paint off and refinish it. I know. I know. That also brings the value down, but not near as much as a coat of Dutch Boy.

4) Your crap is not made of gold. No, it isn’t. That dresser from the 70’s is not going to sell for $250. Dude, it’s ugly. It’s heavy. It’s not an antique. It may be vintage, but it’s still one ugly mo-fo. Painting it pink and adding contact paper or a decal isn’t going to help it. Not even a little bit. Listing it at $250 isn’t going to get it out of your house. Continuing to list for $250 for the next 3 months isn’t going to make it magically more attractive. Price your stuff reasonably. If it ain’t selling, you are asking too much. I mean, duh. Take the hint. And putting $1 in the headline when you are asking more than $1 for your item, is illegal. Yup, really.

5) Stop listing your stuff in every available category. Purses are not jewelry. Nor are they baby items. Not only are you NOT supposed to do that, it is annoying to see the same ferking ad 20 times. Pick the proper category, list your stuff there. If we want it, we will find you. We are unstoppable.

6) Take your ad down once you sell/give away your stuff. Yeah, CL will dump it after a while, but in the meantime, we are all looking that neat little goody you had for sale and getting pissed because you don’t answer our inquiries. Oh, and on that subject; answer your mail/text/voicemail/whatever. I don’t give a rip how many people call, text or write you. You put the ad up, so grow a pair and be prepared to answer all the inquires. See, if you take your ad down once the item is gone, we won’t be bugging you about it for the next year or so.

Craigslist can fun. You can find a lot of neat stuff there. Some people buy/sell/trade or do flips (one of my friends did some rather impressive furniture flips a couple of summers ago). But it only take a few arseholes to make CL a miserable place to ‘shop’.

So don’t be that arsehole. Write a good ad. Take a nice photo. Ask a real and reasonable price. Don’t place 25 ads for the same item. Answer all the inquires. Take your ad down as soon as your item sells.

Your crap will be gone, and you will a little richer in no time flat.


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