New To A Singles Group. Let The Drama Begin!

Published October 3, 2013 by mindfulofchatter


So after the seeming demise of a potential relationship, I decided to join a 50’s and singles group. The woman who put it together was simply looking for a way to meet others her age. This NOT a dating site. It is a place where we meet and chat, plan get togethers and tease each other into tears of laughter. I have been to one get together and met some very nice and fun people. We have two more coming up and I hope to attended both functions and meet a few more new folks.

But all is not sunny in the land of singles banter. As always there is one or two who MUST make it known that they DO NOT approve of the banter they have read.

You put a bunch of humans together to talk, or in this case comment back and forth, and you are going to get a few very silly people (not ME, of course. We all know how sane and shy I am) going at each other in fun. Add to this the fact some of us have met face to face, increasing our familiarity with each other, and all hell will, indeed, break loose.

It began in all innocence with a member talking about a roast he was preparing for a wedding reception. A pork roast that would turned into pulled pork. Making this requires the roast to be pulled from the oven and allowed to rest. It really doesn’t take much imagination to see this turning into double entendres, now does it? And so they flew back and forth, well into the evening. Those of us involved were laughing so friggin’ hard we could barely type. And to be honest, a few were seated at their computers with beer or wine to help loosen their tongues.  Yeah. I see you sniggering over. Stop that.

Or don’t.

The next day, a ‘new’ member posted a long tirade. She mentioned how liberal she was. That she was open-minded. How  she was a Harley rider and had her CDL so she KNEW all about rough language and sexual innuendo (Honestly? About now I stopped really reading. It all turned in blah, blah, blah. I had to go back and re-read). But we, by golly, had sicken her (yay for us!. I mean, ooohhhh………so sorry). She had never, ever read such sick crap before. She was a lady (dammit), and wanted to be treated like one. Not like some object. What we had written to each other was horrible. And how DARE some us admit that we may be looking for something more than just friends. My GOD, what horrible, nasty, sickos we all were. And if we started dating each other, there would be drama, and she was so NOT into drama (Really? Cause you’re bein’ kind of a drama queen at the moment).

And so on.

The kicker? This woman has never once written one comment. She has never once contacted any of the administrators to complain. And yet, she is horrified at all the things she has read (but she keeps on reading those comments, doesn’t she). Yet she is very liberal and opened minded. She felt the need to tell us all that repeatedly. You know, in case we missed it the first 50 times she stated it.

Okay folks, here’s the thing. You put a bunch of single people together and they are going to date each other. There will be fits of jealousy, a few hurt feelings and snit fits along the way. It is the nature of the beast. Age does not limit this, nor stop it. Grow up. Get over yourself. If you like man A, but he likes woman C, just put on the big girl pants and move on. If things don’t work out, you may get another shot. You not. So go talk to Man L in the meantime. Maybe he’s a better fit for you anyway.

This is the nature of a singles group. If you join one and don’t like it. Just leave. Don’t make a scene. If you are on a page, like I am, and don’t like the comments. Don’t read them. It’s not that tough. Honest. You even can click ‘leave group’ without a snit fit. It’s been done. It can be done again.

 Our Lady of The Open Mind? She asked how to leave the group. I gave the directions on how to do that. And didn’t even say ‘Don’t let the door hit you on your way out!’ with my outside voice.

Yeah. I’m proud of me too.


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