Mr. Square Dance Partner

Published August 22, 2013 by mindfulofchatter

square dancers

As most of you know, I am on a couple of dating sites. I also peruse Craigslist from time to time. Mostly I look at Craigslist and wonder how and why people post the personal ads they do. There are a lot of married men looking for a ‘discreet’ relationship. I know that women will (and do) cheat, but I find very sad that so many men are looking to cheat on their spouses. Not to mention that they admit it openly.

But I digress.

In one of my forays on Craigslist, I came across an ad titled ‘Looking for a square dance partner’. Now, I know most of you are already snickering or rolling your eyes or thinking the ad was from some dude in his 80’s. But no. The age noted next to the ad said ’50’. Hmmmmm, thinks I. Now why would I find any of this interesting?

We all know I am a bit, um, nerdy/geeky/a tad off center/my lift may not go to the top floor/ etc.. I started square dancing when I was 12. By choice. The area I grew up in had a teen/young adult square dance club. I went through the classes and danced all the way through high school (this explains a lot about my high school years), then on and off in my late 20’s and into my 30’s.  Square dancing is fun. There is also round dancing and what became the phenomenon of line dancing. All this I learned in my pre-teen and teen years. That’s right folks, I was line dancing before it was cool (and called line dancing).

So seeing this ‘young man’ looking for a square dance partner intrigued me. And I dropped him a line. He wrote back and we met at a local restaurant for a tall glass of iced tea.  We had a nice visit at the restaurant. He told a little about himself and how he got started square dancing. At the end of our visit, he said he’d look at the flyers and let me know when the next dance was. I warned him I had not square danced in about 4 years, and the last time was a mainstream (super easy level) dance. That was fine with him.

Now Mr. Square Dance is about 6′ tall, brown hair with some grey. He is clean and well kept. He is well spoken. He’s a nice looking man, overall. He also very quiet. Heaven knows I am NOT quiet. So it made me wonder how well we would get on. I wasn’t sure if he was just a quiet guy, or shy guy. I wasn’t even sure if he’d actually contact me for a dance. I mean I am, well, me, after all.

(note: Those of you who expressed that I should ‘let it all hang out’/’show all the crazy’ would be proud. I held nothing back)

A few days later I got another e-mail from him. Would I like to go to a dance that Friday? He gave me the time and place. We agreed to meet there. He asked if me if he could please pay my cover charge. Okay. We had a really good time. Neither one of us messed up our squares. We chatted between tips (dance sets). He opened up a little more about himself and talked a bit more. He was a gentleman all evening. It was just a really fun night. He was fun and easy to be with.

Since then we have gone to another dance, a movie, short stage show, dinner, lunch and have made plans to do some other things.  He is still much quieter than I am, but my tendency to babble doesn’t seem to bother him. He smiles a lot and laughs a lot. We are still learning about each other. We have common interests. My love for Dr. Who and Cos-Play has not deterred him. He is interested in getting involved in Rendezvous (Mountain Man) enactment and possibly Civil war re-enacting (he said if he gets shoots a flintlock/black powder, he’s in). AND he can keep up with my sometimes abrupt changes of subject matter. Oh, we like the same weird movies. My dog even likes him, and she is kinda wary about men in general.

I think he snuck dating in when I wasn’t looking. Those quiet guys sure are sneaky.

Mr. Square Dance seems to be a genuinely nice man. I enjoy his company. He is not trying to push our relationship forward at a breakneck pace. He asks for, but does not demand, time with me. He plans ahead and has never once asked me to reschedule my life  to go out with him.  And catch this, boys and girls; his phone has never once made an appearance when we have been out together. He is a breath of fresh air in a very stale dating world.

I don’t know where this is going, but I think I stick around for the ride.


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