Heels Vs Wedges. Yes, I’m talking shoes.

Published August 17, 2013 by mindfulofchatter

A few days ago, one of the radio stations I listen to had a short segment about women’s shoes and what men think about them. Normally, I change the station when they hit the morning blah, blah, blah section. This time, I wanted to hear, out of curiosity,  what the survey said and the reactions of the on air hosts. Usually, I find the morning hosts on this station to be rather mindless and not worth my time. I didn’t really expect this to be any different. It’s rarely good to get your hopes up when dealing with on-air hosts of any kind.

The question was ‘Do men prefer heels or wedges on women’s shoes.’ For those of you who do not know what a wedge is, it’s the lady’s shoe with a solid heel and platform. There is no separate heel, the base is all one piece:


And a stiletto is, of course, the sexy shoes with tall, narrow heel:


They asked over 1,000 men this question. Now they never said what age range they asked. I would guess they asked the 20 – 35 crowd. Those seem to be the ones dating, and /or paying attention to women’s fashion. Wait. Did I just say men were paying attention to women’s fashion? Sorry. I don’t know what I thinking. My blood sugar must be low.

Where was I……….Oh! Women’s shoes and what style men prefer.

The over whelming winner was the stiletto. For me, this was a ‘Well, Duh’ moment. I find the wedge to be little more than a brick attached to a woman’s leg. They look clunky and heavy. They ruin the line of your legs. I have never liked them. Of course, I am old and those horrible things were popular when I was in high school. Only we called them platforms. Kind of like we had bell bottoms, which you kids now call flares, and hip huggers which are now called low-rise jeans. I thought platforms were ugly then, and I find them ugly now. Call them what you may, they are ugly buggers.

But the women at the radio station were flabbergasted by the outcome. They couldn’t believe men disliked wedges and preferred the stiletto. The male host was darn near attacked when he agreed with the survey and stated that he, too, preferred the stiletto.

“Oh my god! But wedges are so cute! How could you not like them?”, one gal blurted.

“I know, right? I love my wedges. I think they made up the results”, claimed another.

Sure, because the survey takers got a kickback from the stiletto manufacturers. Really? I don’t think so. And now you see why I usually change the station.

“I can’t believe men don’t like wedges. You (meaning the male host) are just siding with them so your buddies don’t get on your case.”, said yet another female employee.

Um, yeah. I’m sure the male host was truly worried about what his buddies think about his taste in women’s shoes. Perhaps if he was wearing them on his off days. But as an observer? Please.

The male host went on the explain why he didn’t like wedges. What did he say? They look like bricks strapped to a woman’s foot. They ruined the line of her legs and her dress. They looked heavy and awkward.

It seems I have heard that before…….hmmmmmmmmm………

Oh yeah. That was what I said.  Over 30 years ago.


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