Mr. Dinner And a Movie

Published July 27, 2013 by mindfulofchatter


His little profile said he was looking for a long-term relationship (LTR for those of you unfamiliar with the dating abbreviations). He added the normal ‘man’ things about who he was looking for and some of the things he liked. He didn’t seem too picky about appearances. He seemed more like he was looking for the human inside. There were no photos included. But what the heck. One never knows what one may find behind curtain number 1. Maybe later I can trade for the box or curtain number 3.

So I sent off a note and waited to see what came back. He wrote back a little while later, telling me he wasn’t at home and wouldn’t be there for a while. I found that a bit odd, since I hadn’t asked to ring him or visit him. And since he did answer from his phone, the whole not being home thing seemed to be a moot point. I did get another message from him telling me he was now home, but his grandson was with him. Again, unless he’s sharing his e-mails with the kidlet, I don’t see why the grandson being there had anything to do with our e-mails. But okay, I can roll with things.

After a couple of e-mails, he asked for a photo, and I sent him one. What the heck, if my mug frightens him off, so be it. Hopefully he won’t be sharing that scary thing with the grandson. So off my mug went via e-mail.

This is the part where I generally see all communication cease. Since I am not a Victoria’s Secret model, and it seems a lot of men are seeking said model, once I send a pic I am pretty resigned to the fate of crickets chirping in my mailbox.

But Mr. Dinner and Movie replied! There may be something here! His e-mails weren’t bad. Not the best, but not horrible. So I was a little bit pleased that he wasn’t run off by my mug shot. I asked him for a photo in return. And got one.

Of his sofa and television set.

No, no. He wasn’t sitting on the sofa. He was nowhere to found in the photo. It simply a photo of his sofa and his huge TV (does a huge TV equate the same way having a sports car or giant truck does? I wonder……………)

So I asked for a photo of him. Unless, of course, he was indeed a sofa. (Who knows? Maybe he has an improbability drive and normality hasn’t returned yet)

So he did, finally, sent me a photo of himself.  No sofa. No TV. I rather preferred the sofa.

Oh, it’s not that he is a bad looking fellow. It’s that he didn’t bother. To shave. To comb his hair. Or put on a clean, unwrinkled shirt. He just looked unkept and as if he didn’t care that he looked unkept. Now that’s all fine and dandy for him. But not so much for me. I care about keeping myself clean and looking like I didn’t dress from the pile of clothes on the floor (or from the hamper). Add to this his note that stating he has well over 600 (Oh yes, you read that correctly – six hundred) DVDs, a 65″ TV, and his idea of a good time is sitting at home watching movies, and we have a ‘No way, José. Not in a million years’ from my end.

It’s not that I don’t love movies. I do. You may have noticed a few movies references in my blog posts. I am blessed (perhaps cursed is more appropriate) with being able to remember movies lines, actors, plots, etc. I can even tell you who that guy is under a ton of makeup (this annoys my daughter to no end). But staying home every night to watch a movie is not my idea of fun.  I do like to go out from time to time.

Mostly it was his unkept appearance that turned me off instantly. He knew he was on a dating site. He knew women were going to be asking to see what he looked. And yet he couldn’t be bothered to clean up for a simple photograph. If he can’t be bothered to look nice while looking for a date, I’m betting he can’t be bothered to look nice, well, ever.

So no dinner and a movie for me.

At least I won’t have to share my popcorn.


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