One Date Gone. But There Was a Another One!

Published June 25, 2013 by mindfulofchatter



My movie date from last week has disappeared into a puff of internet smoke. Like magic, he has made no contact what-so-ever. Okay, it’s not really magic. It’s pretty much the standard for online dating. You don’t let anyone know anything. You just disappear. *poof* (And not the English version of ‘poof’)

I really do wish men would grow a pair and write a note when they find they are not interested. I’m pretty sure women do the same thing to men, but since I don’t date women, I can only guess. Either way, it’s not that difficult to write a quick ‘Thank you. Good luck with your search.’ note.

Anyway, Mr. Movie date has not made contact. It’s fine with me. He was nice, polite and fun to talk to. But there was no romantic connection going on. So, next!

And believe it or not, there was a next!

In an unbelievable turn of events (well for me unbelievable), I have had another date! (yes please, go on and applaud)

With boredom staring me down and not much to do, I decided to actually check in on the dating site and see what horrors they had decided were ‘matches’ for me. This generally means I cruise through photos of men who are obese, 5 feet tall (or less), hippie-ish, ugly as sin or have photos of themselves holding something dead (yes, go ahead and hunt /fish, but no wants to see all you with your dead things). This day was no exception. As I cruised through the profile photos and creepy profiles, one caught my eye. A new one. I read through his profile, looked at his photos (not one dead fish or deer in sight) and noticed we had a few things in common. He looked ‘normal’ and nice. So I figured ‘what the heck’ and sent him a short ‘hello’ note. I didn’t really expect an answer.

But he did answer. He sent a nice note back. Pretty soon he asked me to call him. I rang. We talked. We talked for two hours. We made a date for coffee, and talked some more (please note: I do not follow the ‘dating rules’ and think that first phone call should be 20 minutes. I prefer the old-fashioned ‘if we are getting along, let it unfold’ rules).

Coffee date time rolled around. I pulled in, parked and popped inside to see if he was there yet. Nope. So rather than sit and wait and watch everyone watch me waiting, I went back outside and lounged against my car. After a few minutes, my phone rang. It was him. He was walking towards me and waving. I tucked my phone away and walked to meet him.

Holy cow! He was gorgeous. His photos did nothing for him (Well, by comparison of the real life him). I’m not sure if my jaw dropped or not, but I tried to hide my shock in his shoulder as we hugged hello. Wow. Okay, okay. At least I’ll get one date with a gorgeous guy before he moves on to a prettier bird.

The coffee date became a dinner date that ended with a walk in the local park. During that time, he made it clear he wanted to date someone his own age, not a younger chickie. By the end of our date, he made it clear he wanted to see me again.

Again. Wow.

Since then, we have talked on the phone every day. We are getting to know each other better. We are looking for the best times to see each other again. We are both being careful not to rush things, because we both tend to do that, and know it. And the coolest thing of all?

He was a little disappointed that my hair didn’t have pink streaks like it does in my profile photo. I can fix that.


3 comments on “One Date Gone. But There Was a Another One!

  • What luck. Dates where the time gets away from you is a good sign. I’m on my own quest to met someone, but more so a friend as opposed to a boyfriend as I’ve already got on of those.

    But I have learned hunting for friends is nearly the same as hunting for a man…alot of as you said poof.

    good luck in your hunt!

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