Stop The Presses! I Had a DATE!

Published June 18, 2013 by mindfulofchatter

stop the presses


After the longest dry spell known to mankind, I finally had a date. A real date!

Remember the kind odd coffee date guy? The one that seemed to like me but never asked for any contact information? Yeah, you do. If not go back and read about him again.

He e-mailed me and asked if I’d like to catch a movie with him. He asked early in the week for a weekend date. From what my ‘dating by the rules’ friend says, this is important. It shows he is thinking about me in a future sense, rather than as an after thought or as a buddy to hang out with. He suggested a movie and he checked the movie times. We had to wait be sure those times didn’t change when the weekend came, but that was expected. We had to find out what day that fit both of our schedules. He even remembered I have a class twice a week! Apparently this is also in the plus category in the rules for dating (you may notice I don’t have a clue about all these dating ‘rules’. I thought he asks, you say ‘yes’ and off you go. Who knew there were so many rules?).

We met at the theatre, which may be a dating no-no, but I live two blocks away and preferred to walk. We found we both had a refillable popcorn bucket (this tells me he may like movies as much as I do). I brought mine, he brought his. I also have the matching refillable drink cup. He bought tickets, held the door for me, bought our popcorn and drinks. We found we liked the same seating area and climbed to the top row. We chatted until the previews started.

Afterward, we talked about the movie as we walked out. I told him I had walked, he offered to chauffeur me home (I declined because I preferred to walk home. I did let him know why I declined a ride). We stood and talked for a while about other things. We helped a couple push their out of gas motor home to a parking spot. Nothing like a little variety on a date!

He hugged me goodnight and left. Again. He didn’t ask for a phone number. Again. He held the hug and pulled me in tight, but no kiss. Not even on the cheek. And again, I found it all a little odd.

So I still don’t know what’s up with this guy. It occurred to me that he may be shy. He is good at conversation, but one can be a talker and still be shy about other things. I am not shy in any way, shape or form, and sometimes the fact that others are shy can zoom right over my head.

While I am still not sure what is going on with him, he seems to be a very nice man. He hasn’t asked any inappropriate questions. He  hasn’t tried to touch me in way that make me feel uncomfortable (or like giving him a solid right hook). He has been a fun person to be with, intelligent, chatty, and interesting. He has been a gentleman both times we have met.

I guess I’ll just have to see where this all goes. If anything, I have had a good time with him the times I have been out with him. I have not been put off by any of his behaviors. I don’t have to fake who I am. And he seems to deal with my ‘crazy’ well (Yup. I let it all show. Better he run away now, than later).

This will be the tough part. I’m a horrible waiter.





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