Changing The Way I think.

Published April 14, 2013 by mindfulofchatter


Sometimes we all have a bit of problem with negativity. We tend to focus on the negative things in our lives, rather than the positive things we have going on. No matter how small, all those little positives add up and can be very powerful.

We live in a youth obsessed world. While getting a pedicure one day (my thing for total ‘me’ time), the TV show on the big screen was talking about Botox, or some such, treatments for your hands. Yes, you read that right. Your hands. The program was showing how you can have you hands ‘plumped up’ so they don’t show your age. Oh. My. Gosh. Now we are supposed to worry about our HANDS??!!?? Then I noticed the woman next to my instantly inspecting her hands. *insert exasperated sigh here*

I have enough ‘old lady’ things to keep me occupied without adding one more aging body part to the mix. Someone needs to shoot the guys who keep coming with ways to look ‘younger’. Next up will be feet. Or maybe earlobes.

Anyway, the world seems intent on making us all feel just awful about ourselves. We are never good enough, pretty enough or young enough to be seen outside. *snort* I challenge that.

I am now 54. It has taken me, well, 54 years to get here. I have a few wrinkles. I have laugh lines. I no longer have perfect, creamy skin (not that I ever did, but you get the idea). I am on my own (please hold the gasping down to a dull roar, thank you), and I am okay with that. Yes, I get lonely. Yes, I’d love to have an S.O. to share things with, but I don’t. So what?

What do I have?

I have a body I know well. I have lost a whole 1/2 pound this last week (yipppeee!). Yoga is paying off. I am stronger, bendier and more energized. I have a new job I love and a new boss I adore. I have my own space. It may be small (but tiny), but it’s mine. I have a few close friends who are always there for me. My kids are leading happy, healthy lives. They are good people. I can pay my bills. I have a trusty four-legged companion to keeps me moving and keeps me company when the world gets me down.

THESE are the things to concentrate on. Not the slightly sagging and wobbly bits. Not the fact that I am neither rich nor famous. Not that I am alone and Johnny Depp will not be knocking on my door begging for a date anytime soon (Well, ever. Lets be real here). And I am not even going mention my hands. They look fine to me.

So stop standing in front of your mirror putting yourself down. Let it go. Let ALL of it go. Those things you hate about yourself? Someone else would kill to have them. So stop picking yourself apart. Stop trying live up to the media blitz to be young and perfect looking forever. We are not vampires. We are not werewolves. We are ALL going to age, and die at some point. Don’t be a zombie and buy into all the crap.

Be yourself. Be happy in your skin. Celebrate all the positives in your life, no matter how little they seem.

I’m changing the way I think. I challenge you to do the same.


4 comments on “Changing The Way I think.

  • First, we have way too much in common. Second, I just sat down to eat a donut with my coffee, and I’m not apologizing. I don’t apologize much anymore, relatively speaking. Everyone where I work is always on some diet, and scrupulously overseeing their healthy food choices and exercise plans, and conferring with one another, including me. Screw them. I’m taking some time off from dating and ‘me’ time now includes this donut. And I’m thinking of buying stock in the company that bought the defunct Hostess company, and then making sure to create a conflict of interest by buying, and eating, the products. As for wrinkles, I used to have that flawless, creamy skin you described, and I miss it. However, I do not miss it so much that I’m down on myself for having the nerve to age. I’m glad to be on this planet, alive, learning, experiencing, despite the drawbacks after 50. You go girl! I’m right there with ya on this path we walk in a parallel universe. Good job.

    • I just about died laughing when the lady next to me began inspecting her hands. Good Grief. I’ll age without the cut and paste, thank you very much.

      Enjoy your donut. I enjoy my chocolate from time to time. And sometimes pie *yikesface!*. The things I am doing, I am doing for me and no one else. I have no goal weight in mind, just the removal o fa few wobbly bits. 😉

      And thank you for the nice comments.

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