The Dating Game – Still Playing!

Published March 30, 2013 by mindfulofchatter


If only I had Jim Lange to help me choose from three bachelors, this would be easier. But I don’t. I wonder, idly, where Jim Lange is. If he is still alive or if he has passed over. Hmmm.

Anyway, the dating is still going pretty much nowhere. Not even pretty much. It’s nowhere. I read my messages on the dating site and sigh. So much spam. So many fake profiles. Why do some people have to make a tough thing even tougher? I wonder if they get a thrill out creating a bot to try and scam people. Or if the game is to see how long they keep the other party talking before they are found out. I feel this way about the people who have so much time on their hands, that they create computer viruses just to wreak havoc on everyone else. Grow up folks. We really don’t need you create more drama in our lives.

The messages I get are varied. Some seem like okay guys, other are, well. just plain icky (I hope the technical term ‘icky’ isn’t throwing anyone off).

Here a  few of the new ones.


Nothing else. When checking his profile I find he has ‘a few extra pound’ (looks to about 60 extra pounds), and is Catholic. I don’t care that he is Catholic, but he insists his new SO is also Catholic or will convert. Good for him. Not so good for me. You got to choose your religion, why can’t I choose mine? Oh, I can. As long as it is the same as yours. Ah – no.

Text me so we can meet (number included)

Now, my first thought was to post his number here ask all you to text him. But that would be mean. Fun, but mean. I do have a slightly wicked side. Mostly I keep it to thoughts only. Just remember, I said mostly. This man is pictured on his Harley (which I can see has loud pipes), is rather roly poly and about 6 inches shorter than I am (Yes, I am one of those women who like their man as tall as they are or taller. My flaw, I own it). To top it off, I dislike demanding tone of his message. ‘How are you?’ would have made a much nicer start.

How’s the dating going? I love your profile. I’d like to date you and get to know you better.

Sounds pretty good, eh? Until I click on his profile and find he lives 2,000 miles away. Dating really isn’t an option, and I tell him that, And I thank him for the nice message. He insists we can get to know each other online. Okay. Three very short messages later, you know what he sends me? ‘Hows the dating going?’. Nothing else. Just that question. Again. Done.

Wow! I mean – Wow! You are some kinda woman!

Can we say ego boost? The man is adorable. He’s tall enough and reads nerdy enough without going over the top. We share some interests. He likes his women with a little meat on them (double hooray!). He is also just under 1,000 miles away. I am not very good with long distance relationships. It’s tough when you already know one another. We both kinda went *sigh*.

So I keep on keepin’ on. Maybe he’s out there looking for me. Maybe he isn’t. I know I am probably a tough fit for the older men. Many of them are still in a manly man mindset (which is fine, by the way) and while they like the idea of an independent woman, she still bruises the ego a little bit. How can the hunter/provider, hunt and provide for someone who doesn’t need hunting or providing done for them?

The world has moved on. And I shall continue to move with it.


One comment on “The Dating Game – Still Playing!

  • Fun to read, like my friend or sister’s email, or like a co-worker chatting with me while standing by my desk with a cup of tea, on her ten minute break. I’ve experienced, like you, that weird hodgepodge of dating site messages. Hoping to find something good there, is like putting on your hip waders and making your way through a huge swamp, looking for a frog worth kissing. Chances of success are slim, and it’s pretty darned messy. As for me, I’ve been dating since 2007, poor or cheap men exclusively. That was not the plan, it just happened. I don’t know whether it’s that men over 50 tend to be poor from divorce or dysfunction, or cheap by nature, or it’s me, but one of the reasons I recently decided to take a long break from dating, is that it is too expensive. I work 8-5, five days a week in a fast-paced job and still can’t make my bills and save a dime. I just can’t afford to pay half of a date all the time. I am hoping that when I start dating again, I just may–FINALLY–meet one of those guys who would like to hunt and provide for me. I’ve actually never experienced that before, desite knowing women who have, and I’d love to try it out. I’m fine with jewelry and dinners, trips and whatnot. I say, bring on the hunters and bring on the providers, I’m worth it! Anyway, I hope you find some good ones soon!

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