Nothing To Do, Nothing To Do……..

Published March 16, 2013 by mindfulofchatter


Put some mustard in your shoe, fill your pockets full of soot, drive a nail into your foot. Draw a picture on the wall, roll some marbles down the hall. Pour some into your cap, now go upstairs and take a nap. (this from a book I read in elementary school. I can’t remember the title or the author, but it isn’t mine)

It’s Saturday. I’m at odds of what to so with myself. No one to share my day (or night) with, and no extra money to go escape at the movies with. I have nothing to say, so I’ll blog about it!

I have secured a seasonal job I do not want, but it will get me another month or so reprieve. I am hoping another, better job will pop up before the required training begins the week after next. The woman who was doing the hiring was impressed at my grammar and spelling skills. While they are not the best, they sure beat a lot of the ‘kids’ who apply. And I didn’t wear pajama pants and slippers to apply. Nor do I wear them to work. I’m not sure when this became ‘okay’, but it really isn’t. Some places call them house shoes (dresses, pants, etc.) for a reason, folks. You wear them in the house, not out in public.

I’d say ‘but I digress’, but since I have no real subject here, I suppose I am not digressing at all.

I nicked the ex’s Wii. He got it a year ago and has never used it. He is still waffling about returning it. But it has been opened and shuffled through, so I know it will simply sit on the floor and do nothing for another year or so. If/when he wants it back, it’s a simply matter of unplugging it and putting it back in the box. Now, I am not a video gamer by nature. The last time I played Nintendo was with my kids, many years ago (think Nintendo 64). They beat the crap out of me in every game except Mortal Kombat. Yeah, go figure. I can’t get Mario to suck up  ghost, but I can beat the tar out an opponent in an animated fist fight. I was the only one who could make Scorpion do his teleport thing. Anyway, I hooked the Wii to my TV and have begun to play Super Mario Brothers, Wii. I’m not horrible, but I’m not very good either. I have cleared the first ‘boss’ and made my way to the second one. Yippee! Eventually, I may even win the second ‘boss’ challenge. My fingers still have trouble with the controls, but I’m getting better. I say this as if this is a skill I’ll need later in life. No one will be after me to play ‘Enders War’. Just like no one will get that reference. Wow. I can be so geeky at times.

I’m also back to thinking about a new dating profile. I don’t know why, exactly. There isn’t much for singles here where I live. There is a singles group for my age range, but they seem a little too full of rules for me. I may pick an event and go one night just to see what they’re about. But other than that, not much happens here in my little town. And so much of the dating ‘how to’s’ are geared to the 20 and 30 somethings, it leaves us ‘old’ people falling through the cracks. While I am not wild about the ‘online experience’, it is one of the few options open to me to look for a datable male human (okay, I’d date a Klingon or a Romulan – maybe. But no Ferangi, please).

I also need to take some time to do a tutorial in Word/Excel/Outlook 2007 for a skills test. I intend to take the test on Monday morning. My own computer has 2008, so the nice woman to the hiring center suggested I take the online tutorial, then come in for the tests. There goes Monday morning! But it gets my resumé in the running for a better, full-time job. If I do well, I may even get in for an interview the same week. Please cross your fingers, send the good karma, prayers, whatever your thing is, please send it. I need the all help I can get. At some point, my good out look is going to collapse in on itself. And that won’t be a pretty picture. Not at all!

The afternoon is wearing on, the clouds carrying the predicted rain are rolling in. Even a breeze that is the herald of a weather change is kicking up a bit. It looks to time to pull the dog bed in off the balcony and close the windows. It also looks as if a movie (at home) is in order, followed by some computer tutorials. After that? Not so sure.

It may time to continue to sharpen my video game skills. Wii anyone?





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