And The Search Goes On

Published March 13, 2013 by mindfulofchatter



Job hunting sucks. It always sucks. No matter who you are and what field you work in, looking for employment just plain stinks to high heaven.

Employers have the upper hand these days, and they know it. Long ago and far away, you would be offered a job in an interview. If they liked you, they hired you on the spot. Not so much these days. You have fill out applications, go to an interview, sometimes two interviews, pass ‘tests’, or background checks. It all takes time and effort on everyone’s part. It’s slow. It’s annoying. Blah.

I have filled out applications and sent inquires out. I get replies from some, silence from others. Some, of course, are spam. No one in my area is paying $15 an hour for a receptionist. If you live in an area where they do, please let me know. I am open to re-location.

My friends have directed me to websites where I can sign up for job alerts for the city I live in and for the school district. I would love to work in a school library. I grew up working in a library. No really. My Mom set up and ran the library where I attended elementary school. From about first grade on, I learned how the file books, set up card catalogs and check books in and out. I think I was the only kid who actually understood Dewey and his decimal system. I spent many a summer morning erasing pencil marks out of text books. But I don’t have a degree in library science. Quite honestly, Library Science sounds like a made up degree. I know it isn’t. The school district sent my mom back to school to get one. She’d only been running the library for something like 10 years. Apparently 10 years of setting up and running a library means you still know nothing about libraries and their systems. Employers. Go figure.

I know my age is against me in some of ways. I can’t do the heavy lifting and endless hours. I’m not young and cute anymore (well, I AM adorable, just not so young on the outside). I know employers look at my age and wonder how long I will work for them. I’m not sure why. I am more apt to stay at a good company than a young one looking to move up, up, up. I don’t want to move up, just forward. I am content in support roles. I’m not out to cut throats to get that $1.oo a more an hour. I am happy living the life I have, for the most part.

I am either over qualified (I hold an Associates Degree), or under qualified. For me, I have a lot of experience, but then again not quite enough. It’s the same story for a lot of us face when looking for work. Few employers want to give you a chance to see what you can do. I have watched people at their jobs and known I could work circles around them. But I don’t get the chance because my resumé doesn’t show I haven’t done that particular thing.

I have even applied for seasonal jobs. It’s income that will keep me afloat until a regular paycheck comes along. But so far, nothing has popped up with a neon sign that says ‘We Want YOU to Work For US!’.

Kinda sad, really. I love neon signs.


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