Back To The Unemployment Lines We Go

Published February 28, 2013 by mindfulofchatter

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Yesterday I was let go from my new job. It was time for lunch, but instead of lunch I got a paycheck and a ‘thank you, please don’t come again’. On the bright side, it was a sunny afternoon so the dogs and I took off for the dog park. It was much better than sitting behind a desk.

I knew something wasn’t right at this place. There has been a little niggling at the back of my mind the entire time. At one point I even thought to myself ‘I’m not going to make the 90 days here’. This is the type job I have been doing for the past 3+ years. I know how it works. It’s just getting the new rules of a new company down. I am good at this job.

I knew when I was called in the back office what was up. I’m not 23. I have been around the block a few times. I wasn’t upset, or scared, or even left wondering why I was called in. I was curious to know the ‘why’ I was being let go.

Boss: There is no easy way to say this. It’s just not working out. I take the 90 day probation period very seriously. I expect your best foot forward. You are not a good fit here. You aren’t warm enough. You do not seem to want to be here, or even in the building for that matter. We want you to have some feedback for your next position.

Warm enough? This is coming from the person who rarely smiles and has never once said ‘good morning’ to me. My friends are astonished at this. Several are have been at a loss for words. I talk to everyone, even the grumpy residents get a hello and a smile. I say ‘good morning’ to all the employees I see  and the guests. But somehow, I am not warm enough. And how do I seem to not want to be there? I am on time, I don’t take long breaks, I am not grumpy or snappish to anyone. And yes, I understand it could be a body language issue. And well, yes, it was true. I had bad feeling about the place.

Me: How am I not warm enough? I speak to everyone I see. I smile at everyone I interact with. I don’t understand how I am not warm enough. And I don’t understand how it appears I don’t want to be here. I like it here (true, I really liked the residents).

Boss: You aren’t a good fit.

So much for learning what I need to work on there.

Boss: The feedback I am getting says you have an attitude. I can’t have an attitude at the front desk.

Me: What kind of attitude are they seeing? I say good morning to everyone. I try to be helpful and learn more. I don’t snap at people. So I am not sure what you mean by ‘attitude’. I am at a loss here and would like to work on that.

Boss: You aren’t a good fit.

Wow. Tell me I suck, then give no feedback on why. Nice.

Boss: I have seen you roll your eyes.

Now this is down right ridiculous. I am not an eye roller type of person. My friend who has known me for 2.5 years said she has never seen me roll my eyes. Not once. If I have rolled my eyes, it was most likely in a joking, over the top dramatic way with someone I was having a conversation with. I tend to look up or down and close my eyes and slightly shake my head rather roll my eyes. And I try to do that when I am alone. But I don’t do it often. Boss, however, has rolled her eyes often. Especially when told a certain resident, or prospective resident, wants to talk to her. But I guess being Boss means you don’t have to follow all the rules.

Me: When have I rolled my eyes? Did I do it often? I would like to know so I can be more aware of what I am doing.

Boss: You are not a good fit here.

Okay. So you are not really going to help me improve myself in a work environment. Thanks, ever so.

Boss: You said you like to do projects, yet you seem to resent it when you are given one. ******* said she felt you hated doing them.

I have no idea how I ‘resented’ doing the projects they gave my to do. I folded calendars, I cut out index tabs, I tri-folded pamphlets, I sorted business cards, I did everything they gave me to do. Often humming or whistling under my breath while doing it. Maybe I seemed to resent it because I didn’t jump up and dance a jig when given 2000 pamphlets to fold. Seriously, would you?

Me: How was I resentful? I asked what needed done, and how you wanted it done. *looking at ******** for an answer* I’m sorry if my demeanor was mis-understood. I simply wanted to know how the project was to be done.

******* Wouldn’t make eye  contact. She just glanced at me, then back to Boss.

Boss: You aren’t a good fit here.

Again, no answers.

Boss: Other than those things, you were great at the job. I’m sorry you weren’t a good fit for us.

I almost laughed out loud, in her face. I’m great at the job, so that means you just hate me and needed some lame excuses to let me go. ******** never one made eye contact with me. (******* is the admin assistant. She rarely smiles either) If I looked at her for an answer, she looked at Boss. They just didn’t like me, so I had to go, but you can’t fire someone because you don’t like them. So they made stuff up, grasped at straws and refused to give straight answers.

I have been let go from jobs 4 times in my working life. Four. And two of those were lay-offs. So I must be good at something. Usually, you get let go because you don’t understand/can’t do the job, break the rules constantly, are always late, don’t show up, are sick all the time, take an hour for lunch when you get a half hour, or you screw up big time.

Or they are scared of you. You are smarter than they are. You are more capable than they are. You are a threat to their position within the company.

I have no clue as to the real why I was let go. It doesn’t matter to me. I knew it wasn’t right. I felt it in my bones. I knew this was coming.

I am happy I can move forward and find a company (and boss) more suitable for my talents.


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